Embed TimeTrade for a Better Customer Experience

Sharing the ability to schedule an appointment has never been easier. Use the TimeTrade Button Builder to create easy to embed Click-To-Schedule buttons you can add to your website. Visitors can schedule an appointment through a convenient lightbox pop-up visually integrated into your website.

Supercharge your email marketing campaigns, social media channels, and more with the provided direct online appointment booking link that can easily be added to your outbound omnichannel marketing efforts.

The Button Builder will allow you to customize the color, shape, and call to action of your embedded button.

The green box highlights the code you will copy and paste into your website to launch the booking process.

The blue box highlights the link you can use in your email marketing campaigns, social media channels, digital marketing efforts, and other omnichannel marketing campaigns you are deploying.


Written by Chris Carroll

I'm the Product Marketing Manager at TimeTrade. I focus on the customer experience of the product and use our customer learnings to help update our workflows and create materials to help train our users. I also focus on our client facing marketing programs, social media initiatives, and content curation.

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