How to Attract Students with Technology

Higher education has become more competitive as students are applying to multiple, sometimes a dozen colleges, according to the National Association for College Admission Counseling. In order to attract and retain students, these academic institutions need to standout in terms of what they can offer their student body. Most importantly, they need to keep in mind that technology and customer service go hand-in-hand.

Colleges and universities must understand that smartphones, iPads, and social channels are the way that today’s students communicate with the world, absorb and use information and even relate to their professors. In the field of higher education, personal technology can be used creatively and effectively to stand out in terms of the learning process, as well as enhance campus services, such as admissions or career counseling.

Today’s colleges and universities are recognizing how to attract students through these various outlets. By doing so, they are also realizing the value of treating their students with superior customer service. With rising tuition costs and students loans under constant scrutiny, students are becoming even more selective about where they enroll.

Progressive institutions are using online appointment scheduling to enhance their admissions and campus services. City Colleges of Chicago, for example, is offering online scheduling services to their long-distance students.

From campus tours, admissions interviews, to services in the career and health centers, students can use a self-service option on any device to schedule an appointment for these services at a time that is convenient for them. Institutions that use school scheduling software find that it drives student enrollment through a highly personal orientation process and retains students by enabling superior campus services.

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