Retail Sales Tips for the Holiday Season

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Brick-and-mortar retailers are constantly looking for new ways to get a leg up on the competition. With holiday shopping in full swing, it’s as crucial as ever that retailers go the extra mile to convert shoppers into sales.

With consumers planning to spend more than they have in the past eight years this holiday season, there is sure to be opportunity. But retailers must make sure they can rise above the many competitors and their multitude of holiday promotions.

Here are a few ways retailers can encourage shoppers to come into their stores and gain a return on investment this holiday season:

Scheduling Visits: As we are in the midst of the holiday season, schedules are sure to fill up with trips, family visits, and other obligations. With gift shopping added into the mix, things can get pretty hectic. Merchants can capitalize on tight schedules by allowing customers to schedule visits with retail scheduling software. Scheduling a shopping or appointment window lets the shopper fully engage in their in-store experience without feeling rushed or squeezing it in between other obligations. Retailers can also manage resources more effectively and prepare their stores for the holiday grind, ensuring a seamless experience for employees and shoppers alike. These set-aside slots bring out what is best about shopping in-store and benefit both the retailer and its customer base.

Bringing the Knowledge: Hire and train employees to be friendly, accessible and knowledgeable. The last thing any shopper wants when searching for the perfect gift is a poor experience with a retail associate. Who you interact with in-store can make or break your shopping experience and may end up stopping your path to purchase in its tracks. Staff should be cross-trained to assist with all store departments so they can quickly assist any shopper in the location. Shoppers often feel helpless and misguided in unfamiliar territory and the pressure of finding good gifts certainly doesn’t help things. Having an intelligent guide lend a hand can make a world of difference when it comes to a shopper’s path to purchase and a successful holiday haul.

Personalization: Personalized experiences are a great way to set a store apart while amplifying the effectiveness of your in-store technology. Tailoring the in-store visit to each individual customer and making them feel like one of a kind is a simple way to make sure you’re providing your customers with an in-store shopping experience that’s unlike any online retailer or generic department store full of frustrated holiday shoppers. Research indicates that consumers are more than willing to part with data about themselves – given that it leads to better experiences. Buying history can help take some of the guesswork out of buying presents and is sure to deliver that type of experience. So take advantage of data, use it to better understand and serve your customers during the holiday season and make sure your customers are greeted with prompt, knowledgeable service.

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