How the TimeTrade and SilverCloud Merger Benefits iTHINK Financial and other Credit Unions

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Providing an Omnichannel Experience with TimeTrade SilverCloud

iTHINK Financial Credit Union leverages TimeTrade SilverCloud Customer Self-Service, Employee Knowledge Management, and Enterprise Appointment Scheduling products to provide their members an omnichannel experience.

Watch this 17-minute interview – courtesy of CUbroadcast – with iTHINK Financial Credit Union’s Digital Branch Manager, Keisha Chapman, and TimeTrade SilverCloud’s CEO, Bill Clark to learn how the merger of TimeTrade and SilverCloud benefits credit unions and the important role their combined technology plays in iTHINK’s digital branch strategy.

“Whether you’re a prospective member, you’re an existing member or you’re a member who’s doing business with us inside the online application you can access the SilverCloud content. There are FAQs and guided tutorials, and all of those content items are put in place so that members can self-serve. Members have step-by-step instructions on how to activate things like online banking. The strategy is to provide that omnichannel 360-degree experience for the members . . . and then it obviously rolls into the way we do business in the branch through TimeTrade [appointment scheduling].”
-Keisha Chapman, Digital Branch Manager at iTHINK Financial Credit Union

Don’t have time to watch the whole video? Jump to a specific section:

  • 1:27 Why TimeTrade and SilverCloud merged
  • 3:15 iTHINK Financial’s thoughts on the merger
  • 4:15 How does TimeTrade SilverCloud play into the iTHINK digital branch strategy
  • 5:40 What the “appointment economy” means for credit unions
  • 8:15 Changed consumer behaviors post COVID-19
  • 9:45 What excites iTHINK about the TimeTrade SilverCloud merger
  • 11:15 New TimeTrade SilverCloud initiatives
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Written by Caroline Platkiewicz

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