The Importance of an Insurance Review

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Too often, consumers only look at their insurance policies when they first get them in the mail. However, there may be events in your life—such as a change in marital status, the birth of a child, remodeling your home, or a child starting to drive—that could affect your insurance needs.

Not having a regular insurance checkup can lead to complications later on. Consumers must make it a habit to sit down with their insurance agents and review their coverage on a regular basis.

Some insurance companies call it a “friendly review” but it’s their way of designing an insurance program to meet clients’ evolving needs.

Here are some key questions to discuss during a one-on-one review with your insurance agent:

  • Which family members are included on your auto insurance policy?
  • What perils are covered—or excluded—in your homeowner’s policy?
  • Do you need additional insurance for jewelry or other valuables?

An in-person meeting with your insurance agent will help determine your needs and enable your agent to make well-informed recommendations.

These points were validated in a recent TimeTrade survey of 1,064 consumers about their perceptions around customer experience and insurance. 72 percent of respondents said they would like to hear from their insurance agent when their policy is scheduled to renew, while 70 percent would be willing to schedule an appointment (online or through a mobile device) to meet with their agent.

To learn more about TimeTrade’s insurance survey results, click here.

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