Logix Increases Business Volume Through Appointment Scheduling

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As today’s consumers are more demanding than ever, financial service organizations must provide a superior customer experience across the whole customer journey — from an initial digital touchpoint, to the in-branch experience.

Logix Federal Credit Union has recently found success in increasing business volume in its branches throughout the Los Angeles market by delivering a seamless and more integrated online/offline customer experience.

The credit union has recently implemented Banking By Appointment, which gives members a self-service option to schedule an in-branch appointment to meet with a banking specialist. Logix first developed an in-house appointment scheduling solution, but information had to be passed manually and the lag time created scheduling conflicts.

Now, Logix reports they are currently experiencing 5,600+ plus appointments per month in its 15 branches and the number continues to grow. The result is increased business volume, especially with new accounts and loans, and Logix employees are able to plan their days more effectively knowing when and why a member had scheduled an appointment.

So, in addition to driving more business, Logix is greatly enhancing its overall customer experience.

To learn how Logix is using a bank appointment scheduling platform to increase business volume and enhance customer experience, you may download the case study here.

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