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by Chris Carroll | June 30, 2015

We’ve Been Expecting You – The Wicked Smart Mirror

MemoMi out of the Palo Alto area has been working on a “Memory Mirror” that will assist shoppers when buying clothes by allowing them to compare outfits and colors. We were lucky enough to get a very early version of the Memory Mirror right in our own store!

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by Marketing | June 25, 2015

How to Attract Students – Higher Education and Technology Go Hand-In-Hand

Progressive institutions are using online appointment scheduling to enhance their admissions and campus services. City Colleges of Chicago, for example, is offering online scheduling services to their long-distance students.

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by Marketing | June 22, 2015

Walmart Knows What Millennials Want From Retailers

A recent article by AdAge points out that the hottest big retailer among Millennials is Walmart. The article cites Walmart’s focus on online and mobile search to be the driver for its partnership with popular Millennial brands, such as Tommee Tippee baby bottles.

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by Marketing | May 28, 2015

A Paradigm Shift In Retail Consumer Behavior

When I need new running shoes, I research new models online, then go into the store to try them on. I always buy the same brand, but every year the new models have a different look and feel. I like to go into the store to see how they fit and talk to the store associate about features.

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by Gary Ambrosino | May 21, 2015

Survey Shock: Amazon Shoppers Prefer a Store

The main driver for retail convergence is a change in purchase behavior that continues to include the in-store experience as a main factor in the purchase decision.

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by Tom O'Brien | May 18, 2015

Shock Survey: 70% of Retail Consumers Would Prefer to Shop in a Physical Amazon Store vs.

Despite the hype around online shopping, consumers still look to shop in the physical store. TimeTrade’s study investigates consumer preferences and features data collected from a survey of over 1,000 consumers focusing on their perceptions and habits around retail shopping.

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by Marketing | May 12, 2015

TimeTrade Highlighted In Boston Globe Article

Boston Globe business journalist, Scott Kirsner, highlights TimeTrade and how he easily booked an appointment to talk with our CEO, Gary Ambrosino.

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by Chris Carroll | May 4, 2015

An Efficient Branch Strategy Enables Banking Success

Superior customer experience is more crucial than ever in the banking industry, and a recent article by Barlow Research emphasizes the importance of the branch visit by highlighting banks who have made the process more efficient.

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