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by Chris Carroll | February 4, 2013

Hassle Free Cancelling & Rescheduling

When someone cancels or reschedules, TimeTrade will update your calendar with the cancellation or new meeting and free up your time for someone else to book with you. No manual updates, or running around trying to get a new time for your meeting.

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by Marketing | August 15, 2012

Social Selling with LinkedIn

Social selling in a B2B environment is dominated by LinkedIn. With almost 200 million professionals creating complex social graphs on LinkedIn through connections and is an ideal medium for sales. Learn how to drive more business using online appointment scheduling on LinkedIn.

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by Chris Carroll | July 9, 2012

Process Payments and Schedule Appointments with Paypal

By using Paypal to accept payments from your clients, you can properly charge your clients for your services, and then offer times for them to schedule appointments with you!

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by Marketing | June 29, 2012

Government services use our scheduling solution to boost efficiency and reduce waiting

TimeTrade appointment scheduling software makes it possible for government employees, customers, call centers, and third-party affiliates to conduct scheduling transactions via the Web.

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by Chris Carroll | October 7, 2011

Embed TimeTrade for a Better Customer Experience

Many TimeTrade Business and Individual edition users are interested in allowing customers to click-to-schedule with them but would love to have the booking process take place without leading the visitor away from their company website.

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by Marketing | February 18, 2011

Color-Code TimeTrade Appointments in Microsoft Outlook

Setting up automatic color-coding of appointments in your Outlook calendar as they come in is a great way to stay organized and get a quick, visual understanding of what your day will consist of. Watch this tutorial to learn how.

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by Marketing | February 4, 2011

Supercharge Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar with TimeTrade

By enabling the Outlook Connector, you let TimeTrade and Outlook talk to each other, ensuring that both are updated each time an appointment is booked.

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