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by Lauren Mead | March 16, 2018

National Bank of Canada: Making customer service the key to successful in-person banking

As in-person banking is transforming, branches need to be ready to work with today's technology, opening the doors to new levels of customer service experience that enable more growth and an expanded customer base.

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by Gary Ambrosino | March 8, 2018

IBM: Riding the AI Wave to Engage Its Customers

The integration of Watson AI and TimeTrade’s Intelligent Appointment Scheduling platform makes it possible, and practical, for IBM to connect highly qualified internal experts with high value prospects.

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by Lauren Mead | February 20, 2018

Credit Unions Prove Bigger Isn’t Always Better for Personalizing Customer Engagement

Using TimeTrade, Amplify members can now pick what times they want to schedule in-person meetings, while credit union staff can identify exactly the right person to service the member’s individual needs.

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by Cimarron Buser | February 5, 2018

Reserve with Google: Enabling the “Second Wave” in appointment-based booking

In this new era, consumers will expect that Google helps them book appointments and location-based businesses will benefit from these more engaged prospects.

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by Cimarron Buser | January 18, 2018

NRF 2018: Retailers Must Use AI for Intelligent Customer Engagement

Among the many cool technologies and solutions we saw at NRF 2018 Retail's Big Show & EXPO, one over-arching theme stood out: artificial intelligence (AI) can help retailers achieve their ultimate goal of intelligent customer engagement.

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by Randy Bernard | January 5, 2018

Vital Rules for Selling Anything to Anyone, Anywhere in 2018

Happy new year! Ready to start selling more? Here are the next pair of tips from my best-selling book The Pocket Guide for Sales Survival.

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by Randy Bernard | December 22, 2017

Two More Vital Rules for Selling Anything to Anyone, Anywhere

Do you consistently check in with your customers? Do you have a steady flow of referrals? If you answered 'no' to either of those questions, than you need these two tips for sales people from my book The Pocket Guide for Sales Survival.

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by Steve Connolly | December 18, 2017

Scheduler featured in Financial Services Cloud Demo at Salesforce Tour NYC

“Because of an Appexchange partner called TimeTrade, Rachel can pick the time that is suited best for her as well as her banker at her local branch… In seconds, she’s got that meeting set up and it flows right into the banker’s calendar, so he’s ready to go.”

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