New Year, New Approach to Ecommerce

It’s that time of year again – finding a parking spot or treadmill at the gym puts you into warrior mode, health food stores are much more popular, and everyone is on some sort of diet – but like every year, it eventually dies down by mid-February.

For retailers, however, maybe it is time for a lasting resolution – one that will help create a better, more personalized customer experience. I know you’re rolling your eyes right now – how many times have you heard that term? It’s right up there with retail customer experience. But in today’s on-demand economy, customers expect retailers to be ready to serve them, and be knowledgeable about the products they are selling. Customers do their research online, and come into the store to either seek advice or narrow down their selection. In these circumstances, they want to talk to exactly the right person to help them.

Personalizing the Customer Experience for the Concierge Economy

Millennials are especially used to this level of personalization – growing up in an already connected world, they expect retailers to treat them in a certain way. They want that VIP treatment – think of the last time you were in a retail store with a loyalty card – you accrue points and receive either gifts or coupons. Retailers like Sephora (I’m a proud member of their “VIB” card – meaning I’ve spent way too much money there) have cards labeled “VIP” in some way to show status. Sure, money talks, and giving customers rewards and points is a great way to retain loyalty. But in an economy where customers have choices, how do you play to the on-demand economy, but with that human level of engagement?

Whether it is through implementing retail scheduling software or other in-store technology, retailers who figure this out will certainly win my loyalty. I’m going to venture to say they’d win over my peers as well.

Written by Tom O'Brien

As the director of digital marketing at TimeTrade, Tom is responsible for making sure that business users who would benefit from online appointment scheduling find our website—and stay engaged with it once they do.

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