State of Banking 2017 [Infographic]

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In our annual State of Banking survey, TimeTrade asked consumers a number of questions about the quality of service they receive from their bank.

Although it’s easier than ever to bank online—including from phones—respondents told us they still do a lot of their banking business at branches. These face-to-face opportunities provide banks with a tremendous opportunity to deliver personalized service that will satisfy customers and promote loyalty.

Consistent with the continued popularity of in-branch banking, customers said that location and hours, along with customer service, are the top factors they consider when choosing a bank.

Of course, when many people visit a branch—especially during peak times of the week—waiting is inevitable. While banks do what they can to move things along at teller windows, long lines to meet with mortgage, loan and investment experts are an ongoing frustration for customers. That’s why nearly two-thirds of respondents said they would welcome the chance to schedule a meeting at a convenient time with a subject-matter expert at their bank.

Take a look at the State of Banking 2017 infographic for more details about what customers like and dislike about their banking experiences.

And for a deeper dive into the survey results, download the 2017 State of Banking survey report.

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Written by Kevin Flanagan

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