TimeTrade 6.1 for Retail and Enterprise

TimeTrade’s new 6.1 Release is now available on our cloud-based platform and includes many new features and functions which can be enabled by TimeTrade for your account.  To learn more about TimeTrade 6.1, please Click Here to register for our upcoming Webinar – Introduction to TimeTrade 6.1 on Wednesday June 5th at 2PM EDT (don’t worry if you can’t make it, everyone who registers will be sent a link to the recording).

6.1 Release Highlights:

  • TimeTrade Concierge – Brings Customer Flow and Lobby Management to Retail Stores, Banks and Retail Healthcare. Empowers your in-store and in-branch sales associates to manage scheduled appointments and “walk-ins” from their mobile iPad or Andriod tablet, while also providing customers check in capabilities through self-service kiosk technology and in-store queue displays.
  • Connect to the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud – TimeTrade now connects directly to the Office 365 Cloud. TimeTrade customers who have moved to Office 365 can publish their availability and receive appointments through TimeTrade directly from their Office 365 Outlook Cloud Calendar.
  • Synch TimeTrade with Microsoft Exchange – Extending TimeTrade’s support for Microsoft Outlook Desktop, customers can now connect TimeTrade directly with their Microsoft Exchange Server to publish availability and receive appointments. This makes deployment easier by eliminating PC or Mac based plug-ins, uses a single connection controlled by your IT department and is available 24×7 – even when your staff has their computers off.
  • Progressive Appointments – Optimize staff utilization and significantly lower operating costs by offering availability based on customer demand. Progressively show specific availability to customers as appointments are booked, based on your pre-defined rules and demand thresholds.
  • TimeTrade Notifier – The Notifier provides a near real-time feed of customer and appointment information (bookings, cancelations, reschedules) as they occur, enabling organizations to feed TimeTrade appointment information into their existing systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation, BI, Data Warehouses and Workforce Automation.
  • New Click-to-Schedule Interface – TimeTrade 6 introduces a completely new crisp and clean “Click-to-Schedule” interface that makes it fast and easy for invitees to see your availability and book a meeting with you or your team.
  • TimeTrade OneMobile™ – TimeTrade OneMobile™ technology, built into TimeTrade 6, provides the full experience of the Web on mobile devices – without an App. TimeTrade instantly recognizes the type of device a customer is using to book an appointment and renders a modern “touch” interface for scheduling across all existing and future phone and tablet devices.

To learn about these features and how they can be enabled for your account, please Click Here to sign up for our webinar on June 4th (again, don’t worry if you can’t make it, everyone who registers will be sent a link to the recording).


Written by Chris Carroll

I'm the Product Marketing Manager at TimeTrade. I focus on the customer experience of the product and use our customer learnings to help update our workflows and create materials to help train our users. I also focus on our client facing marketing programs, social media initiatives, and content curation.

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