TimeTrade Highlighted In Boston Globe Article

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Boston Globe business journalist, Scott Kirsner, recently reiterated that businesses that provide 24/7 online and mobile scheduling do better than businesses that do not, citing mobile phones and cloud-based software as the igniters.

Kirsner revisits this point in his recent Boston Globe article “Will services finally move into the Internet age?” In the article, Kirsner writes of how fifteen years ago he wrote a similar piece in which he predicted we were on the brink of an “e-scheduling” revolution where all kinds of services would be scheduled digitally.

In his modern-day article, Kirsner highlights TimeTrade and how he easily booked an appointment to talk with our CEO, Gary Ambrosino. Ambrosino, who joined TimeTrade in 2010, is quoted in Kirsner’s article saying, “One of the things that made TimeTrade last is that the company has grown with customers, and not tried to get out ahead of the market.”

TimeTrade recently reached a milestone of facilitating over 300 million appointments between consumers and businesses. Headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, TimeTrade currently has 69 employees and plans to add 20 more over the summer.

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