TimeTrade Hosts MassTLC to Reveal How AI is Transforming Customer Engagement

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Massachusetts is one of the world’s leading centers of innovation, a place where cutting-edge technologies meet new market opportunities to produce industry-disrupting companies. As a SaaS company headquartered in the middle of this innovation hotbed, TimeTrade values opportunities to share insights and perspectives in the high-growth field of AI-powered sales and marketing.

We welcomed the invitation from the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC) to participate in its NewCo Boston event April 10-14. Designed to let Boston-area entrepreneurs meet other company founders and leaders inside their offices, NewCo Boston by MassTLC is a prime opportunity for innovation and business to connect.

And TimeTrade has much to share. The entire technology industry is now catching the artificial intelligence (AI) wave. AI will impact virtually every industry and every consumer – and will make or break consumer-facing companies.

This is because consumer-facing companies live and die based on their ability to engage constructively with their customers. Indeed, businesses that succeed in consumer-centric industries such as technology, financial services, and retail all share at least one key trait: they obsess about enhancing each phase of the customer journey. The AI wave is taking today’s leading consumer-facing companies to an entirely new era: intelligent customer engagement.

Companies that leverage the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in how they connect with their customers are unleashing unprecedented new capabilities that radically enhance the customer experience.

TimeTrade CEO Gary Ambrosino will be joined by CTO Miki Goyal in leading an interactive discussion on how real companies are leveraging AI to transform the way they engage with their customers. Gary and Miki will provide hands-on demos of TimeTrade’s products and discuss how growing businesses are pairing AI with scheduling software to enhance their ability to connect to, acquire, and retain prospects and customers. You will learn:

  • How intelligent appointment scheduling can help sales and customer service teams by identifying patterns of customer behavior and then recommending an action based on needs and opportunities.
  • How the integration of IBM’s Watson AI platform and smart scheduling software now makes it possible, and practical, for IBM to connect highly qualified internal experts with high value prospects.
  • How retailers like Sephora are using intelligent appointment scheduling to offer online shoppers appointments with in-store personnel—providing the concierge service and individual attention that only an in-person interaction can deliver.

We’re looking forward to hosting MassTLC on Thursday, April 12th at 8:30 am at the TimeTrade office in Tewksbury. Reserve your spot at our session today and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We will see you there!

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Written by Lauren Mead

Lauren, TimeTrade's Chief Marketing Officer, is responsible for TimeTrade’s marketing strategy and execution, including branding, messaging, demand generation, digital and product marketing, and public relations.

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