TimeTrade Scheduler is Ready to Grapple in the Big Apple!

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Heading to the Salesforce World Tour in New York City on Tuesday, May 2? If so, be sure to grab your ringside seat for the highlight of the day-long event at the Javits Center: The Rumble in the Urban Jungle—also known as the AppExchange Demo Jam!

Salesforce invited TimeTrade Scheduler to demolish compete against five other AppExchange app victims providers in an intense, hardcore free-for-all, where audience members will choose the survivor winner.

TimeTrade Scheduler, if you haven’t already heard, is the powerful new app that makes it easy for sales, marketing and service teams to engage with prospects and customers by accessing the power of TimeTrade appointment scheduling—right from within Salesforce!

Scheduler will flex its muscles in the Demo Jam spotlight with the able assistance of  TimeTrade heavyweights Steve “Smackdown” Connolly and Chris “Crusher” Gilmore!

The Big Show takes place at 4:30 p.m. in the Zone Theater. Each team has just one three-minute round to show its moves and avoid being KO’d by what’s sure to be a frenzied crowd of raucous Salesforce experts.

Why should the audience vote for TimeTrade Scheduler for Salesforce? Well, let me spell it out for you, brother.

To put it simply, Scheduler redefines how marketing, sales and service professionals use Salesforce by making it easy for prospects to schedule meetings with them—right from within Salesforce. Built on the Salesforce App Cloud and Lightning ready, Scheduler is available now on the AppExchange.

Users access Scheduler directly within their existing Salesforce pages and workflows. It enables them to leverage the power and experience of Salesforce—the undisputed champion CRM vendor of choice for millions of enterprises—in a whole new way. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out this cool video to learn more about Scheduler.

Scheduler business benefits include:

  • Generate a stronger pipeline—Achieve better prospecting and marketing results by eliminating endless phone and email messages. Allow qualified prospects to schedule time with your team at their convenience.
  • Close more deals, faster—Reduce the time salespeople spend on non-revenue-generating activities and increase time spent driving conversations, sending proposals and conducting calls and meetings.
  • Build and expand trusted relationships—Customers value personal connections with experienced sales and service professionals. Scheduler improves the customer experience by putting them in the driver’s seat for scheduling meetings.

Can’t make it to the Big Apple? You can also smell what TimeTrade is cooking at Salesforce World Tour Events in Boston on May 31 and Chicago on June 15.

And, we’ll be at the Wrestlemania of Salesforce events, Dreamforce, in November in San Francisco, of course.

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Written by Kevin Flanagan

Kevin is director of content marketing for TimeTrade. He develops and curates the company’s public-facing information to enable customers and prospects to see the unique value TimeTrade solutions deliver to their businesses and teams. He also leads the company’s public relations program. In a high-technology career spanning three decades, Kevin has brought his communications and marketing expertise to a number of leading brands, including Verizon, PictureTel, Yankee Group, 3Com and Carbon Black. Before launching his tech career, Kevin honed his communications skills during 5 years as a radio news anchor and reporter. He earned a degree in English literature, but he credits his obsession with grammar, spelling and punctuation perfection to 12 years of daily drilling in parochial school.

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