US Money – Why You Hate Your Bank

A recent article from US Money “Why You hate Your Bank,” captured the results last week from a report from Capgemini revealing that more than half of banking customers say they are likely to switch banks over the next six months. The report sites “poor customer service” as the leading reason for the switch.

Our very own Gary Ambrosino was interviewed on the topic. Gary says the problem comes down from a lack of 1 to 1 interactions between the bank and the consumer. “While more customers are doing their research online, there are some transactions that require direction from a live person.” Because consumers have access so so much information online about a bank or retailer, they are completing 70% to 80% of their purchasing decision before they even enter a location.

Click here to read more of “Why You Hate Your Bank” from US News


Written by Chris Carroll

I'm the Product Marketing Manager at TimeTrade. I focus on the customer experience of the product and use our customer learnings to help update our workflows and create materials to help train our users. I also focus on our client facing marketing programs, social media initiatives, and content curation.

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