We’ve Been Expecting You: Do & Don’t Retail Trends of 2015

In this episode of WBEY, we discuss the Amazon Prime Day, GiftStarter, and the top retail trends of 2015. Learn what you should and should not do as a retailer.

Amazon Prime Day had a lot of mixed reviews through social media and popular tech blogs. As the hashtag #PrimeDayFail was trending for most of the week, people were weighing in on their thoughts of the “better than black Friday” sales Amazon had promised. Although the giant took a beating online, their reported revenue tells another story.

www.GiftStarter.com is a new service promising to help people never give a bad gift again. Instead of finding a cheap gift, or hunting people down who have agreed to go in on group gift, GiftStarter is an online service that allows people to choose a product and pay for it in increments.

Top Retail Trends of 2015
RIS News takes a look back at the exciting year of 2014 as consumers are spending more and make their predictions on the top retail trends of 2015.

Watch for our thoughts on the recent tech explosion and the next era of digital marketing, or read the full article here!


Written by Chris Carroll

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