Business Edition User Crash Course

Welcome to TimeTrade appointment scheduling for businesses. This page is for account users and will outline steps needed to fully configure your account and to get up and running. Configuring your account and provisioning accounts for others is very straightforward. There are just a few key steps to follow to ensure you and your team are properly configured to take appointments.

Step 1

Connect Your Calendar

Connecting your calendar is critical to ensure you are offering the most up to date availability to your prospects and customers. By connecting your calendar we will sync your busy and free time to ensure you never receive a double booking. Additionally, TimeTrade will also place any appointments booked directly on your calendar. Please follow the instructions to connect your calendar to…

Step 2

Create Your Availability

Using Activities to create availability is the fastest way to create custom calendar links that can be shared anywhere that allow prospects and customers to book meetings through TimeTrade. When creating an activity, you can define the meeting length, the type of meeting, whether you are meeting in person or over the phone, custom welcome screens, basic appointment rules, and the availability you’re looking to offer. This can either be a rolling window that opens more availability as time goes on, or you can select specific dates and times. Once your availability is set you can share your booking link and start offering appointments.

Step 3

Offer Appointments

Once you are happy with your availability and your calendar is connected, you can easily start booking meetings through emails, a website, social media channels and more.