List of Trademarks and Service Marks owned by TimeTrade

The following is a listing of registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks owned by TimeTrade in the United States and/or other countries. Use of the TimeTrade marks may be prohibited unless expressly authorized by TimeTrade. If you have any questions concerning the marks on this list, please send an e-mail to

The absence of any trademark or service mark from this list does not constitute a waiver of TimeTrade’s trademark or other intellectual property rights with respect to that trademark or service mark.

List of Trademarks/Service Marks owned by TimeTrade
Intelligent Appointment Scheduling™
Purchase Path®
Appointment Quality Index®
Perfect Scheduling™
Appointment Routing™
Business Process Rules™
Dynamic Availability™
Seamless Calendar Integration™
Dynamic Pooled Resources™
Managed Availability™
Real-time Queue Manager™
Check-in Anywhere™
Wait Time Management™
Coordinated Customer Flow™
Assist Anywhere™
Concierge Mobile™
On-demand Wait-status™
Next-in Line Alerts™
Conversion Path Insights™
Online to Onsite Analytics™
Interactive Visualizations™
Next Best Action™
Post-purchase Experience™
Resource Optimization™

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