Credit Union Appointment Scheduling Software

Deliver on the member experience

Customers love their credit unions. Treating people like members, not numbers, is exactly why more consumers become credit union members every day. TimeTrade allows credit unions to provide a true omnichannel experience extending your amazing, customer service efforts to build personal relationships with your credit union online and in-branch. That’s why dozens of credit unions in the country trust our intelligent appointment scheduling software.

83% of B2C buyers are likely to schedule an appointment if offered by a business. Get the Report

Members benefit from Banking by Appointment

graphic showing manage store traffic

Enable prospects to easily schedule an appointment at a location and time convenient to them

TimeTrade is centrally located

Guarantee a meeting that addresses prospects' and members' specific needs

customers love TimeTrade

Provide stellar customer service by easily supporting traveling and mobile advisors

Convert browsers into members

Provide a high value member experience

57% of banking consumers say they would like to interact with a person at the branch instead of banking virtually or by phone. Drive high-value customers into your branches and provide “we’ve been expecting you” service. Engage future members online and schedule appointments with the right person on your team – the meeting is online or in one of your branches.


Supercharge in-branch customer flow

Members hate to wait. Long lines and inefficient service can leave them frustrated, and they may not return. Effectively manage lobby chaos, extend branch hours, and provide customers with a quick, easy way to get assistance when they walk into your branch, accelerating loan cycles and increasing satisfaction and loyalty.


Create higher value opportunities

With TimeTrade, your staff will know what your members want to discuss before the meeting even begins, allowing them to research the member and their current services—creating a valuable cross-selling opportunity. And information gathered throughout the appointment process provides essential data for Next Best Action™.


Analytics that drive next best action

Analytics and reporting provide a window into every customer interaction, allowing you to aggregate data on appointment volumes, member wait times, appointment length adherence, employee utilization, and customer satisfaction.

Credit Unions benefit from Banking by Appointment


Drive an ongoing stream of high value in-branch or phone appointments

TimeTrade promotes healthy living

Strengthen member relationships and long-term brand loyalty

prepare for appointments

Be prepared before appointments and reduce no-shows to below 10%

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