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Deliver an unparalleled member experience

Consumers love credit unions. Treating people like members, not numbers, is why more consumers become members every day. TimeTrade’s online appointment scheduling for credit unions provides a true human-to-human experience, making it easy to build personal relationships with your members—online and in-branch. That’s why more than 60 credit unions and 10 of the top 20 financial institutions in North America trust our Intelligent Appointment Scheduling software.

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62 percent

of members would prefer to schedule an appointment vs. waiting at the branch to meet with a mortgage specialist

79 percent

of consumers say it’s important to be able to attend a class or event to learn about a product or service

30-50 percent

increase in likelihood of credit union service renewal or new product purchases with improved member service

2018 McKinsey Study

Members benefit from Banking by Appointment

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Enable members to easily schedule an appointment at a convenient time and location

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Guarantee a meeting that addresses each member’s specific needs

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Provide stellar member service by easily supporting traveling and mobile advisors


Provide high-value member experience

Connect high-value members with your best employees virtually or in-branch and provide “we’ve been expecting you” service for every appointment. Omnichannel online appointment scheduling for credit unions enables members and prospects to make appointments from anywhere at any time. And TimeTrade matches each member with the right employee, in the right location, at the right time—online, by phone or in person. TimeTrade’s calendar integration ensures members see accurate employee availability and syncs appointment details to employee calendars. Text and email notifications remind members of their appointments, greatly reducing no-shows.

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Capture appointments from the first search

98% of buyers “always” or “frequently” use online search engines to find a physical store or branch location. Reserve with Google Powered by TimeTrade enables location-specific scheduling opportunities. This ensures that prospective and current members searching for your credit union can schedule appointments at the nearest location. It also tailors their search and booking experience based on their Google preferences.


Deliver great service over the phone

TimeTrade makes it easy for your call center to provide optimal member service. When members phone in, agents can easily schedule appointments on behalf of the member. TimeTrade Call Center scheduling provides your agents with direct access to live availability across locations. It understands which team members have the right skillset for the meeting being scheduled. Automated phone system integration enables members who call in after-hours or on holidays to schedule appointments through automated dial or voice prompts, without requiring a team member’s assistance.

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Offer best-in-the-business member service

Equip your employees with the tools they need to stay on top of their daily appointments. With Concierge, floor associates can use their tablets and smartphones to check members in as they arrive. They also can update appointment stages, and transfer appointments to colleagues to minimize wait times. Managers have a real-time, 360-degree view of member traffic and team performance, enabling them to reallocate staff to ensure the most efficient service.

TimeTrade’s Queue Manager self-service kiosk enables visitors to check in on an interactive tablet. Queue Manager’s digital waitlist can be displayed in your lobby or integrated into your existing onsite digital signage, providing a seamless member experience.

Solve the challenge of scheduling multiple locations, staff, resources and queue management built for organizations that need a highly scalable and secure solution. Scheduler for Enterprise

Create high-value opportunities 

With TimeTrade, your staff will know what your members want to discuss before each meeting even begins. This enables them to research the member and their current services, creating a valuable cross-selling opportunity. Information gathered throughout the appointment process provides essential data to help determine the next best action with that member.

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analyzing appointment data

Track member experience and success

TimeTrade’s Reporting & Analytics capabilities provide a window into every member interaction, so you can aggregate data on appointment volumes, member wait times, actual appointment length vs. scheduled time, employee utilization, and member satisfaction. Intelligent integrations with your CRM system mean you can reach out to every member or a defined group of members at the right time in their lifecycle—for instance, when they might need a mortgage or to start a college savings plan. This makes it easy for them to book an appointment with a financial advisor or credit union representative at the click of a button. Capture the data you need to provide optimal member service and streamline how you put that data to work for your credit union.

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