Online Appointment Setting for Financial Advisors

Set and Connect With Your Clients

Stay personally connected with clients. Be compliant while eliminating the hassle of scheduling client meetings. Letting your clients know you are available when they want to meet allows you to stay personally connected and increases loyalty. With online appointment scheduling, eliminate the back and forth required to schedule meetings.

96% of people surveyed say it's important to have a live meeting with their financial service provider. Read the Report
Compliant Client Scheduling

Comply with meeting regulations

Easily schedule required yearly client meetings to comply with new DOL regulations. Notify your entire client base with a single email featuring a Click-to-Schedule link that displays your real-time availability and provides required tracking.

Create a Personal Touch

Keep wealth management human

With robo-advisors on the rise, differentiate your business by making the process personal. Leverage technology to easily connect with your clients with a simple Click-to-Schedule link showing your real-time availability. Eliminate the frustration of scheduling appointments through phone or email tag.

Improve Productivity

Stay connected to your channel

Wholesalers can spend less time calling, chasing and waiting to track down advisors, and more time selling. Send advisors a link to directly schedule a meeting with you. You’ll increase bookings up to 28 percent, decrease administrative time and improve productivity.

Attract new clients

Convert referrals into clients

Be more accessible by displaying your availability to referral clients with one simple link in your email, on social media or your website. This ensures you capture potential clients at the peak of their interest and when they are ready to set an appointment.

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