Health & Wellness Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling for healthcare providers

Quality healthcare starts with exceptional patient experience. Prove to your patients their care is your priority. Consumer expectations are changing and healthcare is no exception—keep up by providing a user-friendly way for patients to engage with you. They can easily schedule an appointment through your website or patient portal and be matched with the provider who has the appropriate skills to meet their needs.

Provide quality care

Less scheduling, more patient care

Spend less time going back and forth with patients to book an appointment and more time doing what you do best—providing great healthcare. Patients are guided through a configurable workflow to securely book an appointment.

Efficient health services

Easily manage multiple resources

Maximize the utilization of providers’ time, as well as resources such as specialized equipment, beds and rooms. Resources, skills and prioritization are matched to patient needs, ensuring cost-effective delivery of quality care and outstanding patient experience.

Reduce no shows

Improve appointment show rates

With email and text message reminders, your patients will be less likely to miss an appointment. This will significantly decrease no-show rates and cancellations, and ensure your practice runs at optimal efficiency.

Serve more patients

Maximize your availability

Easily fill last-minute openings in your calendar caused by cancellations and shifting schedules, making the most of your time. You’ll be able to take more appointments and serve more patients.

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