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Integrated Meeting Scheduling for Software and Technology Companies

Power your marketing, sales and customer success teams

Exceed your marketing, sales, and customer success goals with TimeTrade’s online appointment scheduling software. Seamless connections mean marketing teams capture more leads with higher qualification. Sales teams can connect quickly with prospects – ending the calling, waiting and chasing. Customer success teams will onboard more customers quickly, close more tickets and speed renewals. All with the click of a TimeTrade button.

Watch the video to learn how prospects and customers can book meetings with one click. Automatically pool the availability of your team to meet the needs of each prospect or customer—from inbound sales inquiries to customer support requests.

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Omnichannel engagement with direct attribution

Connect the moment your prospects express interest via your inbound and outbound omnichannel marketing campaigns, and instantly match those prospects with the person in your organization who can best answer their questions and facilitate purchases. Directly attribute engagements and conversions to their originating channels. With TimeTrade, you’ll capture more qualified leads while understanding how your marketing dollars are driving conversions.

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Increase conversion while shortening the sales cycle

Engage with more prospects and convert them to leads faster by making it easy to schedule appointments with you. TimeTrade’s Process Builder and Einstein integrations expedite the sales process by automatically scheduling appointments as leads pass milestones, increase lead scores, and advance through the buying journey – ending your calling, chasing and waiting headaches. All lead activity is captured within your CRM, building powerful user-journey analytics.

“Before we used TimeTrade, we were in constant back and forth communication with customers simply setting up a time that works for us to even begin to address the issue. With TimeTrade, we can jump right into addressing the customer's issue at a time that is chosen by them based on our availability.”

Scheduler for Salesforce review

Salesforce AppExchange
63 percent

of marketing professionals say generating leads is their top marketing challenge

Source: Hubspot

3-4 days

average wait time for qualified prospect to respond to salesperson with meeting time

75 percent

of customers believe it takes too long to schedule a meeting with an expert

Source: Harris Interactive


Satisfied customers mean more renewals

Engaging customers with a smooth on-boarding experience from your customer success team is a key to building customer confidence and brand loyalty. Automate the hand-off from sales to customer success, allowing your customers to get up and running – and recognizing ROI faster. Continue to deliver “we’ve been expecting you” service by allowing customers to schedule help sessions with your support team to solve support issues. Keep customers happy by automatically inviting them to schedule account check-in meetings at key intervals or customer milestones. All while saving your success and support team time – allowing them to help more customers with fewer resources.

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