Online Appointment Scheduling for Sales Teams

Accelerate Sales with Appointment Scheduling Software

Build pipeline and accelerate the sales cycle. Drive qualified leads into your funnel and decrease time to close. Marketing teams can capture high-quality leads across digital channels, whether it’s scheduling a demo from your website, social media or inbound and outbound programs. Sales teams can connect quickly with qualified contacts using TimeTrade’s Online Appointment Scheduling Software, shortening the sales cycle and accelerating business.

The State of B2B Customer Engagement

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Eliminate the hassle of prospecting

Accelerate the success of your sales emails

Using Online Appointment Scheduling Software, send prospects a link to schedule time with you—eliminating the hassle of phone and email tag. Raise connect rates by 20 percent, increase sales bookings up to 28 percent, and improve time-to-close by 40 percent.

Convert higher quality leads

Schedule demos right from your website

Let your prospects self-schedule appointments—with a guaranteed time—reducing the back and forth required to set up a meeting.

Close more deals, faster

Leverage the power of Salesforce

Sales and customer teams can access the power, reliability, scalability and security of the world’s leading appointment-scheduling platform without leaving Salesforce. Appointments booked are automatically passed to Salesforce for full visibility into results and lead attribution. Sales reps can offer appointments to individuals or distribution lists in seconds—with personal calendars and Salesforce activities updated automatically.

Continue the customer journey

Improve customer success and onboarding

Manage the post-sale relationship with your customers during the onboarding and implementation process by efficiently connecting them with the appropriate client services resources.

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