Customer Experience

Make every interaction count

Treat every customer like a VIP. Give them an exceptional, consistent omnichannel experience—in-person, by phone or virtually—by ensuring they meet with the staff member who can best meet their needs throughout the entire customer journey.

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Know your customers

Knowing why your customers are coming in helps prepare your staff to deliver “We’ve been expecting you” service to every customer, every time. Customers crave a personalized experience, and are likely to buy more when helped by a knowledgeable employee.

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Capture their experience

Survey your customers as soon as they leave your location—capturing an accurate picture of their experience. Correlate survey responses with the campaign that drove them to book an appointment, the location of the meeting and the employee who served them.

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Analyze the results

By gathering information throughout the appointment process, you can view details such as wait times per location, NPS scores, heavy volume times, and how each staff member performs. Use this valuable data to more easily determine Next Best Action™.

Provide a service guarantee

Focus on satisfaction and retention

With TimeTrade, your customers can book an appointment before they come in—whether it’s online, via social media, or through your email campaigns. From there, they’ll be matched with the employee who can provide exactly what the customer needs, reducing wait time and providing a service guarantee.

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Maximize loyalty with personalization

By tracking the customer journey, you’ll have better insight into what your customers buy and what their experience is—maximizing customer lifetime value and converting them into brand ambassadors.

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