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Appointment Scheduling for Customer Service Teams

Connect with customers quickly and easily—ensuring success.

Customer success is everyone’s job, but the responsibility rests largely on service and support teams. However, connecting with customers can be challenging. Whether it’s onboarding new customers, resolving a support ticket or conducting a status check, customers expect to connect with you quickly. Unfortunately, most customers believe it takes too long to meet with the right person—adversely impacting customer satisfaction. TimeTrade appointment scheduling software lets service and support teams connect with customers quickly and easily.

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Speed up time-to-revenue

Quickly onboard more customers, close more tickets and recognize revenue faster—without adding headcount.

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Improve customer retention

Create happy, loyal customers while reducing churn by delivering a friction-less customer experience—every time.

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Maximize customer lifetime value

Improve expansion opportunities by building and maintaining close relationships with your most valuable customers.

Drive Customer Satisfaction

Make it easy for customers to schedule time with you

As a services and support professional, you spend much of your time trying to connect with customers, often resulting in back-and-forth emails and voicemail tag that delays finding a mutually convenient time to meet. As a result, customers grow frustrated and revenue opportunities are lost. With TimeTrade, let your customers book time with you—through your website, emails or voicemails. And if you use Salesforce, you can schedule appointments right within your CRM, saving time and easily keeping track of customer interactions.

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Be available whenever your customers need you

Automatically route inbound meetings requests from customers to the best qualified expert—in support, implementation or customer service—ensuring you match customers with the expert who can meet their needs. Deliver the right person at the right time—every time.

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