Appointment Scheduling Software for Marketing Teams

Convert online browsers into buyers

Increase conversion rates and clearly demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the bottom line by driving meaningful conversations with your customers. Your organization relies on you to identify prospects and turn them into customers. Be confident that prospective customers who book an appointment in your store, or virtually are matched with the staff member best qualified to help them.

Increase conversion rates

Drive quality leads into your funnel

Engage with your prospects through email campaigns, social media channels, and your website. Not only will your customers benefit, but your sales representatives will trust inbound qualified prospects who are ready to talk—and buy. Offering prospects the ability to schedule an appointment for a demo or a sales call not only gives them a quick, easy way to book time with a knowledgeable rep, but also increases conversion rates and shortens the sales cycle.

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Amplify your digital marketing campaigns

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Clear campaign attribution

Attribute highly qualified meetings (either in-person or virtual) back to marketing campaigns and prove the effectiveness or your digital marketing efforts, by tracking your success using Google Analytics.

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Engage with qualified buyers

Provide a high-quality call to action in your marketing efforts, engaging with qualified buyers at the peak of their interest.

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Convert inquiries into sales

Increase conversion rates from your website, email campaigns, and social media by eliminating the need for sales teams to coordinate a time to speak with prospects, increasing the number of inquiries that convert to sales.

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Data-driven marketing

You need to tie every dollar of revenue back to the marketing initiative that generated it. With TimeTrade, generate high-quality meetings that convert to sales with an effective call to action as the centerpiece of your omnichannel marketing strategy.


Tie online investments to revenue

Get your prospects and customers ready to buy and connect them with your team quickly. When they’re at your location or on the phone, they will engage with a knowledgeable employee, making them likely to buy more. You’ll be able to tie your digital marketing investments to sales and, with instant survey deployments after the appointment, gather an accurate Net Promotor Score and easily determine Next Best Action™ for every customer.

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