Appointment Scheduling Software for Operations

Unify staff and transform business

As an operations professional, you’re responsible for customer satisfaction, staffing and resource optimization, and location logistics—all while working to achieve your company’s goals. With TimeTrade, you can unify your staff by empowering each employee with the tools they need to prepare for customer engagements, deliver on their expectations, and create personalized experiences—every time.

Run an efficient operation

Make better use of your associates' time

You know your customers hate waiting in line. With appointment scheduling, they can either book an appointment in advance using the channel of their choice, or check in at your location and book an upcoming appointment. They’ll always be matched with an employee best qualified to meet their needs, ensuring a higher level of overall satisfaction with your brand. The ability to manage employees to successfully meet customer demands will help you run your operation more efficiently, and make better use of your associates’ time.

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Drive Quality Interactions

See appointment quality

Measuring customer satisfaction immediately after the appointment helps paint a clear picture of your location operations, measured by what we call the Appointment Quality Index®.

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