How Web Based Scheduling Works

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A modern approach to scheduling

Web based scheduling gives you a new way to interact with your customers. They can still call or make an appointment in person, but many will prefer the convenience of self-service scheduling via the Web. Just as ATM machines have simplified banking, Web based scheduling simplifies the process of booking an appointment. So you’ll book more appointments and spend less time juggling your appointment book.

Here’s how it works: TimeTrade hosts your appointment book on powerful servers within our secure data centers enabling your customers to check your availability and book an appointment. There are never any conflicts or accidental double-bookings because TimeTrade is a “real-time” web based scheduling application. Whenever a timeslot is booked, it is immediately removed from your inventory of available timeslots.

And everything is safe and secure. You see a detailed master schedule, but your customers see only their own appointments and your available timeslots.

How our web based scheduling system operates

For a fixed monthly fee, TimeTrade hosts your electronic appointment book and makes it available on-demand via the Web. There is no software to install for you or your customers.

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Your web address

If you already have a Web address, we’ll help you add online scheduling to your existing Web site. If you don’t have a Web address, we’ll provide one at no extra charge. Your address will be in the form We will also help you create a special Welcome Screen that greets your customers and invites them to schedule an appointment.

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No change for your customers

Although many of your customers will choose to book their appointments online, they are not forced to do so. You can continue to take appointments on the phone and in person and enter them into your electronic appointment book, just as you did with your old appointment book.

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Secure access

In order to schedule an appointment, your customers must log in with a valid username and password. You can assign these yourself, or ask your customers to choose their own through a simple self-registration process. You can also configure your appointment book to admit guests who can view your menu of services but cannot book an appointment until they register and guarantee their bookings with a credit card.

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Special privileges for you and your staff

We’ll give you a special password that lets you administer your system, enter and edit available hours, print reports, and view a detailed master schedule showing all your appointments. We can also provide special passwords with limited privileges for your receptionist and individual members of your staff.

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