Mobile Appointment Scheduling Software

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Bringing the power of online appointment scheduling to mobile users

With TimeTrade, retailers and banks are now able to use our online appointment scheduler to reach a rapidly growing consumer base of mobile users. With the constant on-the-go lifestyle that we lead today, getting prospects or clients into your bank requires constant innovation. A popular technology that is making it easier for banks to reach their consumers is the smartphone.

TimeTrade’s Mobile Appointment Scheduler

Internet-enabled smartphones (and now tablets) are continuing to rise in popularity with the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry now being household names. According to a research study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, statistics show that almost half of the adult population owns a smartphone. Of those users, 90% of them access the internet on the go using their phone.

With the rapid rise of smartphone usage, comes a demand from bank consumers for technology that will cater to their mobile way of life. To help make life easier for mobile users, TimeTrade announced its new and improved online scheduling software.

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The Advantages of Mobile Appointment Scheduling

As a bank, you want to compete, earn the business of prospects and develop loyalty among your customers. Take your bank to the next level with online scheduling software from TimeTrade.

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Mobile Friendly Interface

Eliminate the need for smartphone users to download an application on their phone with TimeTrade’s new mobile website design – A simple web design created specifically for smaller screens on mobile devices allows smartphone users to have a better experience when making an appointment to meet with you. By offering an online scheduling software that is specifically designed for mobile phones, it’s even easier for your customers to engage with your brand while they’re on the go.

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Simple and User Friendly Interface

Once on your website and ready to schedule their visit with you, the process is simple and straightforward. With just a click, your customer or prospective customer can arrange to meet with a banker with little effort. They save time navigating through complex systems or calling into your branch only to be put on hold while the scheduling takes place. This means you, as a bank, you can capture warm leads easier and faster and in turn earn more business.

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Geo-location Capabilities

One of the most common reasons smartphone users visit their bank’s website on the go is to contact them and to schedule an appointment to meet with a professional. Built into the TimeTrade online appointment scheduler is a geo-location feature. Simply put, this feature works in the background to detect your customers’ location. Then, the software displays the branch that is closest to where they are, so if your customer accesses your bank website from his or her smart phone at home, as many do while watching TV or working around the house, they can schedule an appointment at their personal branch without having to go through the extra steps of finding the branch that they want to have their appointment.

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Optimized Delivery

As you know, once an appointment is made by a customer, all parties must be notified. With appointment scheduling software by TimeTrade, you, your customer and anyone else that needs to be in the know can get instant notification of the new appointment. Time Trade works on a variety of platforms making integration across the board seamless.

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