Online Booking Software FAQ

What types of small businesses should consider TimeTrade?
TimeTrade can benefit virtually any service business that offers appointments, reservations, or classes. It’s also an ideal solution for businesses that rent equipment. Our online booking software customers include training centers, portrait studios, health clubs, auto service centers, equipment rental agencies, medical practices, real estate offices, hair salons, health spas, and many, many others.

I am a self-employed service provider. Can I use TimeTrade?
Yes. TimeTrade is perfect for independent professionals such as contractors, home inspectors, massage therapists, personal trainers, doctors, and other service providers who need an online booking software solution. TimeTrade is like a 24-hour receptionist that can accept appointments for you, even when you’re with clients!

Is TimeTrade suitable for businesses that offer training classes and other group activities?
Yes, TimeTrade is an ideal way for people to enroll in classes or register for events. TimeTrade lets you specify the capacity for your activities. When an activity becomes fully booked, TimeTrade closes it automatically.

What are the software and hardware requirements for TimeTrade?
The only requirements are an Internet connection and a browser-equipped PC. We host the solution for you, so there is no software for you to buy or install, and no servers to maintain.

Do my customers need special software or equipment to access TimeTrade?
No, just an Internet connection and a browser-equipped PC.

Do I need a Website in order to use TimeTrade?
No. TimeTrade offers a free, customizeable home page to businesses and professionals that do not have Web sites. The home page is an ideal way to describe your business, list your address and contact data, and so on. You can even use it to display photos and moving images! If you already have a Website, TimeTrade integrates seamlessly with it.

How can I sign up?
You can call us toll-free at (877) 884-9224. We’d be happy to assist you!

If I use TimeTrade, will my customers be forced to make appointments via the Internet?
No. TimeTrade features a powerful “front desk view” that let’s you (or any number of your employees) quickly add and change appointments for customers who use the telephone. If your TimeTrade experience is typical, most of your customers will prefer making appointments via the Internet because they can do so instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What prevents somebody from making fictitious appointments?
To access your TimeTrade schedule via the Internet, customers require a unique user name and a password. You can assign user names and passwords to specific customers. Or, you may let your customers self-register, which lets them create their own user names and passwords when they access your schedule the first time. During self-registration, you can require customers to input valid credit card data (and contact information) to guarantee appointments. If you subscribe to our call center service, our operators can ask new customers for valid credit card data as well.

Can I limit the number of appointments that a customer may hold?
Yes. TimeTrade has many features that let you restrict the number of appointments a customer may hold. For example, you can limit this number on a “per service” basis. At a health club, for instance, you might limit members to one racquetball court reservation, and three personal training appointments.

Can I restrict how far in advance an appointment can be made?
Absolutely. In addition, you can define when your schedule becomes available. For example, you may permit customers to book appointments from tomorrow on through the next six weeks.

Is TimeTrade secure?
Yes. Our application employs industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption, and is certified by VeriSign. In terms of physical security, our infrastructure is hosted in high security data centers that are staffed around the clock.

Can TimeTrade collect data from customers when they are booking an appointment?
Yes. TimeTrade lets you define customized questions that are posed during the appointment process. For example, you might ask a customer to select the model of automobile when he or she makes an appointment for a tune-up. TimeTrade also lets you define questions that are posed only when a customer accesses your TimeTrade schedule the first time. For example, you might ask how the customer heard about your business.

My services have different durations and different start times. Is this a problem?
Not at all! With TimeTrade, you have complete control over the duration of each type of service appointment, and can specify when each service appointment may begin. If desired, you can even let your customers choose the duration of an appointment from a drop-down list of possible durations you specify.

Can I use TimeTrade to analyze appointment activity at my business?
Yes. TimeTrade features a flexible reporting module that lets you analyze your schedule data online. For example, you can view appointment volume by any combination of service type, service provider, customer, date range, and so on. You can also sort the data in reports, and export report data to a variety of popular file formats.

How long does TimeTrade retain my schedule data?
Your schedule data is retained indefinitely, so you can run reports for time periods in the past.

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