Reduce “No-Shows” with an Online Calendar

There are few things that are more frustrating to a sales representative than a no-show. Sales representatives put a lot of effort into their work. They create presentations to woo over prospects. They research their potential customer needs and spend time crafting and tailoring pitches to show specific benefits that can help overcome challenges. In the first fifteen minutes prior to an appointment, most sales representatives spend time reviewing the information they gathered and mentally preparing for the person who is about to walk in the door.

The job of a sales representative is not easy, so when a prospect fails to show up for a scheduled appointment, the feeling of frustration is understandable.

Businesses have a need to pay attention to these no-show appointments. The following are a few reasons why your no-show rate is so crucial to your bottom line:

  • You waste the time of your sales team – In business, and particularly in the line of sales, time is money. The time your sales representatives spend meeting with prospects and winning over new business equates to revenues for your business. By not having a firm grasp on how many prospects cancel, your business remains unaware of the time wasted by sales professionals. This can be costly. When too many no-show’s land on a sales representatives calendar, they suffer and your business suffers from lost commission and revenue.
  • Your marketing team remains in the dark – Your marketing team is responsible for finding the qualified leads. They are the ones that put the message out to the public about what your business provides. Many marketing teams track the leads and sales, but not no-show numbers. If there are a significant number of no-shows from a specific campaign, your marketing team needs to know. Without this information, your team may never know that their marketing speak flopped. They could possibly remain unaware that they sent poor quality or unreliable leads to your sales team.

One solution to this problem is to offer an online calendar on your website, so your prospects can easily make an online appointment with you at their convenience. By giving your customers access to web appointment scheduling, you put the power back in their hands to cancel or reschedule whenever necessary.

This lowers the burden on the customer to call to reach a business when they need to cancel or reschedule, which can be a troublesome task. Instead, your customer can easily logon to your website from their computer or mobile device, access your online calendar and make changes on the fly. Your customer benefits because they have a better interaction you’re your company. Your sales team benefits because they instantly see the changes made on their online calendar and can adjust their schedules accordingly. And your business benefits because you lower the number of no-shows.

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