What is Online Scheduling?

Gain a competitive advantage and improve customer experiences with the power of online scheduling across all digital channels

In this technology-driven age, we’re accustomed to having myriad innovative products and services at our fingertips. With the ever-growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, which give consumers access to the internet 24/7, savvy businesses are increasingly relying on web-based online appointment scheduling technologies to reach prospects and customers.

Organizations need to leverage new technologies to continue meeting customer expectations. Online appointment and meeting scheduling is a powerful solution businesses can use to gain a competitive advantage while providing an exceptional customer experience.

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There’s an easier way to connect with your prospects and customers

Does scheduling appointments or meetings feel like an endless game of bingo?

The good news is that Appointment scheduling can be integrated into any website allowing prospects and customers to make appointments in just a few clicks. Placing a “schedule an appointment” button on your organization’s website makes it easy for prospects and customers to schedule and confirm appointments.

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Online Meeting and Appointment Scheduling Features

Allowing customers to schedule appointments online from your website, marketing campaigns, emails, and social media channels provides several key business advantages:

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It’s quick

Unlike traditional methods of appointment scheduling, online scheduling means clients won’t call and sit on hold waiting to make an appointment. Prospects can schedule and confirm appointments immediately—at their convenience. Customers are already on your website, why make them pick up the phone to call your company, when they could just click a scheduling link on your site? Check out our online booking software FAQ for more information.

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It's seamless

TimeTrade's online appointment scheduling solution connects to your Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal Calendar, so prospects and customers can view your team’s real-time availability and schedule an appointment at a mutually convenient time. End frustrating and time-consuming voicemail and email tag. Instead, let prospects and customers easily make appointments on their own, without getting lost in the shuffle.

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It’s convenient

With online scheduling, prospects and customers don’t have to wait for your office to open to make an appointment. They can access your team through your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even on weekends and holidays. What’s more, TimeTrade offers online appointment scheduling for mobile devices, so your clients and prospects can make an appointment with you while they’re on the go.

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It’s competitive

If your competition is using online appointment scheduling software, your customers are going to expect you to offer it, too. Market-leading brands, from Lowe’s, Sprint and BestBuy, to Sephora, Nordstrom and ADP have already adopted appointment scheduling. And if you’re competitors aren’t using it, all the better for you. You can gain a clear market advantage by deploying this convenient feature.

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It’s cost-effective

Implementing online scheduling software will reduce staffing needs and help you better allocate your resources. Because online scheduling allows consumers and businesses to make appointments on their own, you can lower the costs of associated with back-and-forth phone, email and paper forms. And that means your team won’t have to play “tag” to confirm appointments. Instead, they’ll spend less time on administrative tasks and more time actually selling products and improving customer satisfaction.

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It’s efficient

Scheduling software produces fewer no-shows than other scheduling methods. An online solution makes it faster and easier for your prospects and customers to verify the exact time and day of their appointments. And TimeTrade’s solution sends out confirmation emails, reminding people of their meetings. Plus, being part of the appointment-making process has an empowering effect on customers, making them active participants in the process also makes them more likely to show up to the appointment.

See Online Appointment Scheduling in Action

Online appointment scheduling isn’t just for large corporations. Businesses of all types and sizes that book meetings, sales demos or customer service appointments can benefit from online scheduling. In fact, the Huffington Post named TimeTrade scheduling one of the “Top Ten Must-Have Sales and Marketing Business Tools”. Online scheduling reduces administrative costs, improves customer service and, ultimately, boosts your sales. Watch this video to learn how online scheduling can help your organization.

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