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Gain a competitive advantage and improve customer experiences through the innovative power of online scheduling

In this technology driven age, we are so used to having a myriad of innovative products and services right at our fingertips. With the rapid growth in the popularity of smart phones and tablets, which give consumers access to the internet 24/7, savvy businesses are making the most of web-technology to reach their customer base. More and more, businesses need to utilize new technologies in order to meet the needs and expectations of their customers. Online scheduling is a powerful solution businesses can use to gain a competitive advantage while providing an exceptional customer experience.

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What Is Online Scheduling?

Online scheduling software is a tool that can be integrated into any website, which allows clients to make appointments over the internet with their consultant, sales representative or customer service agent with just a few clicks. A “schedule an appointment” button that you can place on your business’ website makes it easy and hassle-free for both you and your customer to schedule and confirm appointments.

Online Scheduling Software Features

Giving your customers the option to schedule appointments online has several key advantages.

  • It’s quick. Unlike traditional methods of appointment scheduling, clients won’t have to wait on hold to make an appointment over the phone. They no longer have to leave a message and wait till one of your employees gets back to them. With the creation of online scheduling, your customers can schedule and confirm their appointment on their own accord. Your customer or potential customer is already on your site. Why do you want to make them leave the computer to find their phone in order to call your company when they could just click from their computer? Don’t risk your customer getting distracted and never completing that call.
  • It’s seamless. TimeTrade’s software for online appointment scheduling can be connected to your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar or iCal Calendar, so your customers or prospects are able to view your team’s availability in order to schedule an appointment. You no longer have to email back and forth with your customers, which is time consuming and can become confusing. Now, your customers can quickly make an appointment on their own without getting lost in the shuffle..
  • It’s convenient. With online scheduling, customers don’t have to wait for your office to open in order to make an appointment. They can access your team through your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even on holidays and weekends. What’s more, TimeTrade offers online appointment scheduling for mobile devices, so your clients and prospects can make an appointment with you on the go.
  • It’s competitive. If your competition is using online scheduling software, your customers are going to expect you to offer it as well. Companies that have already implemented online scheduling software include everyone from Lowes, Sprint, Harvard University, FannieMae, to BestBuy, Marketo, and Brightcove. Even if your competitors aren’t using this technology, introducing this convenient feature to your clients will give you a competitive advantage.
  • It’s cheaper. Implementing an online scheduling software program into your business will reduce your staffing needs and help you better allocate your resources. Because online scheduling allows consumers and businesses to make appointments on their own, you can lower the costs of associated with the bank and forth of phone, emails and paper forms. Also, your sales team won’t have to play “tag” to confirm appointments with prospects either. Instead, your employees can spend their valuable time actually selling products or improving customer satisfaction.
  • It’s efficient. Online scheduling software produces fewer “no-shows” than traditional appointment methods. Not only does it make it faster and easier for your customers to verify the exact time and day of their appointments, TimeTrade’s system sends out confirmation emails to the customer, which helps reduce the number of “no shows.” Plus, being part of the appointment-making process has an empowering effect on customers, making them more “vested” in the process and more likely to show up to the appointment.

See Online Scheduling in Action

Watch our video below to learn more about online scheduling and how it can help your organization.


Online Scheduling software isn’t just for large corporations. Any size business that involves appointments, sales demos or customer service should check out online scheduling. In fact, in a recent Huffington Post article, TimeTrade’s online scheduling was named one of the “Top Ten Must-Have Sales and Marketing Business Tools”. Online scheduling lowers administrative costs, improves your customer service and ultimately boosts your sales.

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