Our Appointment Scheduling Software Integrates with Many Other Applications

TimeTrade online scheduling software provides standards-based mechanisms to support integration with external systems, including Web sites, portals, CRM systems, call center systems, ERP systems, and more.  Integration mechanisms include Web Services, HTTP redirection with query parameters, HL7, and iCalendar data interchange technology. TimeTrade appointment scheduling software is especially well suited for integration using a Service-Oriented Architecture.

If you want to build your own Web front end to our scheduling software application, we offer a comprehensive set of API methods which are exposed as SOAP web services.  All system operations for maintaining client information, specifying complex queries for available time slots, presenting schedule grids, booking appointments and querying for appointment data are supported. You have complete control in determining how business logic will be applied, and where client and appointment data will reside.

We also offer a flexible single sign-on mechanism for authenticating and seamlessly navigating from your portal or Web site into our application, and a database-configurable message engine that can send information back to your system at various points in the appointment-making process via SOAP calls or HTTP request parameters.

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