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Whether you run your own small business or operate in a larger organization and need an online scheduling solution, TimeTrade will get you up and running fast. Check the appointment scheduling features below and select a deployment option to learn more.

EnterpriseEvents & ClassesSalesforceSmall Business
DescriptionA standalone, full tech stack platform with customizable workflows and CRM integration capabilities.A standalone, events and classes solution facilitating registrations, on-site customer management, and post event follow-up.A solution for marketing, sales, service and support teams that runs as an integrated app within Salesforce.A simplified version with booking features that help departments, teams and individuals schedule with customers & prospects.
PricingSchedule a pricing discussionSchedule a pricing discussionStarts at $29 /month/user*Starts at $6.50 /month/user*
Omnichannel Scheduling ExperienceCapture customers in their moment of need from any channel at any time. LEARN MORE
Robust, Full-Stack SecurityBe confident that your data is secure. Our software is security tested by independent annual SOC 2 type 2 audits. LEARN MORE
Smart MatchingMatch the unique requirements of each appointment request with exactly the right person and resources such as conference rooms and equipment necessary to best help the customer. LEARN MORE
Appointment RoutingEnsure the appropriate resource will be matched to each appointment, by pairing your customers with the employee best qualified to meet their needs.
Pooled Resource ManagementDynamically publish times that every employee is available into one easy-to-read calendar allowing your prospects and customers to book appointments across your team, maximizing the number of available time slots.
Meetings for 1-on-1 and TeamsShow your personal availability or the times that everyone invited to the meeting is available to meet.
Groups & ClassesBasic
Custom AvailabilityOffer fully open availability, rolling availability, a set date range, or choose specific dates and times to craft personalized meetings.
Configurable Business RulesAdapt your appointment process to changing business needs with easily configurable Business Process Rules™ that allow you to set booking timeframes, appointment limits, employee priority, and more.
Personal Calendar SynchronizationStay up to date with your teams' personal calendars to provide an up-to-the-moment inventory of availability. Two-way integration with the most popular calendaring systems eliminates the potential for double booking.
Automated Reminders and Follow UpDramatically reduce no-show rates pre-appointment and ensure customer satisfaction afterwards with customized follow-ups post-appointment.
Web/Video Conference SchedulingCreate unique, private web conference meetings or videoconference sessions automatically for each appointment with TimeTrade’s powerful web conferencing integrations.
Zoom, WebEx, POPio, Teams, VidyoBasicZoom, GoToMeeting,, WebexBasic
Reporting and AnalyticsGet clear insights into the effectiveness of your customer engagement initiatives, marketing efforts, and employee performance—from acquisition online through fulfillment onsite to post-appointment service. LEARN MORE
Full SuiteIntermediateAnalytics plus Salesforce DashboardsBasic
CRM ConnectorsBe confident that data captured during the booking process seamlessly flows into your CRM.
Salesforce, OracleSalesforce, OracleIntegratedSalesforce
Reserve with GoogleAllow instant appointment booking directly from Google Maps, Google Assistant, or a simple Google search. LEARN MORE
Events & ClassesAllow your customers to easily register for events and give your team the tools they need to manage class size, send follow-ups and track results, all while staying on-brand. LEARN MORE
API and Development PlatformUse one of our interfaces designed specifically for consumers, associates, contact center agents, greeters, managers, executives, marketing teams, and more. Build only the experiences that you need to customize and leverage out-of-the-box tools for others.
Queue ManagementManage customer flow in real time for both appointment and walk-in traffic with powerful queue management tools for your sales floor. Get a top down view of customers on-location, upcoming appointments, wait times, and customer notifications. LEARN MORE
Text MessagingIncrease show rates by sending text reminder notifications and increase engagement by scheduling appointments through interactive text messaging. LEARN MORE
Language LocalizationExpand your audience with language localization, allowing customers to book appointments and receive notifications in their preferred language.
SurveysCapture your customers’ perspective on every appointment via custom surveys and Net Promotor Score.
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