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Intelligent Appointment Scheduling to power the most demanding businesses

Scheduler for Enterprise is a standalone, full-stack Intelligent Appointment Scheduling software platform with customizable workflows. The Enterprise deployment supports customer engagement starting with an omnichannel scheduling experience and moving all the way through reporting and analytics that provide immediate access to appointment performance. With added capabilities such as CRM integration, queue management, search engine booking, events and classes management, APIs, and voice scheduling, Scheduler for Enterprise provides simple, comprehensive solutions for your business needs.

Omnichannel Appointments

Drive conversations by capturing your customers at the peak of their interest. Convert interest into action with simple, intuitive appointment booking via mobile devices, online search, voice, text, web, or integrated into your customer-facing application.

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omnichannel scheduling graphic showing appointment software using computer, mobile, text, and Google search
graphic showing matching an open appointment slot with the right person to help

Match customer needs with the best employee - every time

Be confident that the complexity of matching customers’ needs to the right resources across multiple locations will be fast and frictionless. TimeTrade’s Smart Matching technology with Appointment Routing™ and Dynamic Availability™ ensures that the appropriate resource will be matched to each appointment, pairing each customer with the employee best qualified to meet their needs.

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Match customers to the right resources across multiple locations

TimeTrade’s Smart Matching technology is agile enough to scale to meet your business needs, and simplifies a complex process using three powerful components to follow your complex business requirements.

business rules graphic representing complex business rules

Business Rules

Configure each appointment request to follow your complex business rules such as business hours, lead times, appointment lengths, rescheduling limits and more.

routing graphic showing real-time appointment availability across multiple locations and resources

Appointment Routing

Route each appointment to the right place with high-performance, real-time availability information across locations and resources.

dynamic availability graphic representing smart calendar logic to avoid double-booking

Dynamic Availability

Coordinate multiple calendars, details, and all required resources with continuous monitoring to avoid double-booking.


Show real-time availability

Schedule with confidence using managed availability. Personal calendars, workforce management appointment scheduler tools and other required resources are continuously monitored for activities outside of the TimeTrade platform, so your team members will never be double booked. Each scheduled appointment is automatically placed on the appropriate calendars and includes important meeting details.

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appointment reminders ensure appointments are kept

Increase show rates and engage customers

TimeTrade text and email notifications increase the chances that your prospects and customers will show for their appointments, and TimeTrade makes it easy for them to reschedule if necessary. Your team members are properly prepared, availability times are accounted for and moved automatically – and you connect with as many prospects and customers as possible without wasting a minute.


Drive business growth with actionable data

Adapt and improve after each customer appointment with TimeTrade’s essential customer experience analytics. Track and report on Net Promoter Scores, marketing campaign performance, staff efficiency and do more with this valuable Next Best Action™ data. Learn how many appointments have been scheduled, completed or missed, and review employee utilization to adjust staffing levels based on customer demand.

graphic showing appointment analytics shown on a digital tablet with appointment details, employee utilization and customer satisfaction ratings
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Stay Connected, wherever you are

Add virtual meeting information automatically to each booked appointment using Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams or Vidyo. Instantly and dynamically generate unique, single-use web conferencing links, decreasing the risks associated with generic or unprotected meeting links. Avoid multiple emails and calendar notifications for the same appointment from different virtual meeting platforms.


Rapidly adapt to business, customer, and employee demands

Deploy and configure appointment scheduling across any digital or physical channel. The control center of the TimeTrade Scheduler Platform, Engagement Center lets users manage, control, and configure all aspects of customer engagement processes – no coding required.

graphic showing the Engagement Center enabling users manage all aspects of customer engagement processes

TimeTrade Enterprise Extensions

Powerful modular extensions can be added to your enterprise appointment scheduler deployment, opening new engagement channels, customer experiences and tailored customizability using TimeTrade’s extensive appointment scheduling software capabilities.

Reserve with Google
Queue Manager
Events & Classes
Voice Scheduling
Developer Tools

Reserve with Google

Instantly connect and capture customers right from their Google search. Cut the number of conversion steps in half and drastically reduce your customer acquisition costs from pay-per-click channels.

Graphic displaying ability to book appointments right from Google search and map results page

Queue Manager

Prepare employees for upcoming appointments, manage walk-in customer flow and enable customer self-service with Queue Manager’s comprehensive on-site suite of sales floor enablement tools.

graphic showing a customer using queue and lobby management software sales floor enablement tools to better manage store traffic

Events & Classes

Support experiential marketing initiatives by hosting engaging social gatherings. Events & Classes provides complete on-site customer registration, attendance and traffic management.

graphic showing events and classes registration software to manage attendance and traffic

Voice Scheduling

Book instantly-confirmed meetings through your automated phone prompt system using TimeTrade's appointment scheduling software. End long phone wait times and customer frustration by allowing customers to schedule with the right person - without any human interaction 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

graphic displaying a mobile phone showing the ability for customers to book an appointment right from their automated phone system

Developer Tools

Integrate, customize and utilize every aspect of the TimeTrade platform with our robust, fully-accessible developer API. Incorporate and access powerful Intelligent Appointment Scheduling capabilities into your businesses customer facing applications.

graphic displaying the use of TimeTrade API to easily integrate scheduling into your customer facing app

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