PurchasePath Analytics

Understand Your Most Profitable Customer Interactions

Reveal Insights from In-Person and Virtual Customer Interactions

PurchasePath Analytics is a complete analytics system that helps your business use online appointment scheduling for maximum effectiveness in acquiring and retaining customers. It is the first platform available that can track true Path-to-Purchase completion by channel.

Gain valuable insights to help you and your team optimize your marketing spending, plan resources, achieve positive experiences for your customers, and profitable outcomes for your business.

graphic displaying PurchasePath Analytics volume over time
graphic displaying PurchasePath Analytics for key performance indicators

Analyze appointment and event effectiveness

Understand customer demand for specific appointment types during specified timeframes, assess how effectively they were executed, and track key performance indicators on an ongoing basis. View companywide data or zero in on walk-in vs. pre-scheduled, specific locations, products, employees, or timeframes to learn what is working well and identify possible improvement needs.

Tie marketing spending to revenue

Identify conversion to sale down to the individual customer, the channel they used, and the outcome. Pinpoint marketing campaigns, channels, and other factors that most effectively influence the sale and maximize share of wallet. These insights help businesses develop strategies for increasing conversions and accelerating the sales cycle.

Analytics report highlighting marketing channels and other factors that positively influence appointment volume and success.
graphic displaying PurchasePath Analytics heatmap by location

Align scheduling with customer demand and improve employee efficiency

Identify trends with customer scheduling preferences, including preferred days and times and desired appointment lead time, and ensure that locations are staffed to meet expected customer demand. Assess how effectively specific locations and resources fulfill appointments, so best practices are shared and performance issues are corrected.

PurchasePath Analytics Feature Highlights

PurchasePath Analytics gives executives, marketing teams, and operational teams access to an extensive set of business intelligence capabilities, including:

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Dynamic Report Generation

Highly adaptable dashboards can render an infinite number of reports and visualizations based on user configurations, data filters, and drill-down interactions

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Role-Based Management and Reporting

Multiple user role types and filter-based reports can be used across departments and roles while ensuring that only the appropriate data sets are available to each user

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Appointment Analytics

In-depth analysis of appointment and event data provides insights into volume, breakdown by key attributes, and fulfillment performance

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Marketing Analytics

Detailed insights into the volume, performance, revenue and outcomes of appointments generated by specific channels and programs enable smarter use of marketing resources

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Resource Analytics

Granular information about appointment execution helps operations teams improve service quality, use resources more effectively, and identify issues and best practices

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Data Export

Flexible data export capabilities allow users to select relevant report data and make it available for offline analysis using external tools

Unlock the Full Potential of Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling

Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling is one of the most powerful ways to engage prospects and customers at the point of peak interest. The rich insights available from PurchasePath Analytics will help you make the most of your investment in TimeTrade Scheduler.

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