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TimeTrade Reserve with Google Appointment Scheduling

Convert more web and mobile searches to scheduled appointments

Reserve with Google powered by TimeTrade provides a seamless way to connect, acquire and retain customers at the peak of their interest while using Google to search for a product or service. Allow your customers to book appointments directly from the Google search engine, removing unnecessary steps and providing an optimal customer experience The end result? You capture more customers, build brand loyalty and increase wallet share.

Watch the video to learn how Reserve with Google Powered by TimeTrade enables customers to discover and book personalized appointments directly from Google Search, Google Assistant, or Google Maps.

Increase search visibility

Reserve with Google allows people using Google Search, Google Assistant, or Google Maps to make bookings with local businesses. Convert more web and mobile searches to scheduled appointments in your stores and branch locations. TimeTrade customers can enable “Reserve with Google” bookings to their business easily and quickly.

Eliminate the risk that your customers will look at your competitors’ pages by providing them with a quick and simple link to book an appointment with you instantly from their Google search.

customers can book an appointment with your bank right from Google search results

98% of buyers always or frequently use online search engines such as Google to find physical store or branch locations.

Drive location-based appointments

Whether people are searching on mobile or desktop, in addition to location details, Reserve with Google enables location specific scheduling opportunities ensuring customers searching for your business to schedule appointments at their closest locations tailoring their search and booking experience based on their Google preferences.

Remove the hurdles and increase conversion rates

By using Reserve with Google to schedule appointments, you’re scheduling appointments with qualified prospects and customers with half the steps. Instead of driving visitors to your website in hopes to convert them on another landing page you will increase your conversions and slash your drop off rates allowing search traffic to book a confirmed appointment instantly at one of your locations.

mobile device showing Reserve with Google at NYX makeover
Solve the challenge of scheduling multiple locations, staff, resources and queue management built for organizations that need a highly scalable and secure solution. Scheduler for Enterprise

Frequently Asked Questions

When a potential client searches for a business using Google Search, Google Maps, or the Reserve with Google website, they will see the upcoming appointments you’re offering. These users will then have the option to select a time and complete their transaction right from the Google screen, making the booking experience faster and friction-free.

When you receive a booking through Google it is identical to receiving a booking through TimeTrade. Appointments will show up on your calendar, Concierge Mobile, Coordinator, Queue Display, and in appointment reports.

Yes. However, this experience is currently limited to Google users and businesses in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Google platforms that include this booking capability are Google Search, Google Maps, Google Assistant, and the Reserve with Google website.

Reserve with Google is available to TimeTrade Scheduler Enterprise customers. Google has restrictions based on the industry and geographic location of customers. Contact your TimeTrade Account Manager to see if your company is a good fit.

Contact your TimeTrade Account Manager if you are interested in Reserve with Google. If you are a new customer of TimeTrade, schedule a call with us.

Reserve with Google passes the name, email, phone number, and the appointment type and date/time from the booking process. Custom questions (including SMS opt-in) cannot be used. However, we can set up appointment types that are specific to Reserve with Google, or use current appointment types where custom values will be passed in as blanks.

We require that all customers make all real (physical) locations and appropriate visible appointment types available, although TimeTrade can do an initial test with a limited set of locations. TimeTrade cannot display appointment types not associated with real locations (i.e., call centers or virtual appointments), as these are not allowed by Google. TimeTrade can suppress any appointment types that are not supported via configuration.

No. If a time slot no longer available in TimeTrade, Google users will not be able to book into that time slot.

A user may cancel or reschedule through the normal "cancel" or "reschedule" link included in the TimeTrade confirmation email. In addition, they can cancel or reschedule from the Google notification messages or console. Users re-booking or canceling through this process will receive additional notifications from either Google or TimeTrade, depending on the email from which the cancel or reschedule was made.

Users will receive booking, reminder, and post-appointment notification messages from Google. TimeTrade will send your standard (branded) booking and reminder messages. Cancellation messages will be sent either by Google or TimeTrade, depending on the email used to cancel. The format of the Google notifications cannot be changed. However, you have full control of the content and styling of notifications sent by TimeTrade.

TimeTrade marks appointments booked via Reserve with Google in your standard reports.

Google has specific Terms of Service (TOS) for Reserve with Google, in addition to their standard TOS. Google’s general privacy policies also apply. These policies can be found at:

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