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Salesforce Meeting Scheduler

Intelligent Appointment Scheduling purpose-built for Salesforce users

Combine the worlds #1 CRM and #1 Intelligent Appointment Scheduling platform to connect with customers in a whole new way. Scheduler for Salesforce eliminates scheduling hassles and allows you to book meetings instantly right within Salesforce. Fully integrated with virtually every calendaring system, Scheduler for Salesforce makes it easy to connect with customers and prospects throughout their entire journey, at the click of a button.

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Schedule appointments without leaving Salesforce

Easily book meetings with leads, contacts and person accounts right from Salesforce. Team members can schedule appointments on behalf of the customer and other employees instantly. Connecting with customers and prospects has never been easier—send email invitations right from the Salesforce record or include scheduling links in prospecting cadence software or send automated scheduling offers using Salesforce’s Process Builder.

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Schedule confirmed meetings through all marketing channels

Drive conversations by capturing your prospects at the peak of their interest. Convert interest to action with simple, intuitive appointment booking. Engage prospects from every engagement channel through every step of their journey. Ensure prospects and customers are constantly engaged by integrating Intelligent Appointment Scheduling into your outbound cadences, prospect communications and customer success initiatives.

Scheduler for Salesforce is changing the game for a wide range of professionals

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Sales & Marketing

Increase lead conversion using Intelligent Appointment Scheduling in your inbound and outbound marketing efforts. Sales teams benefit from shorter sales cycles allowing them to spend more time closing deals.

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Customer Success

Connect with customers easily—whether you’re onboarding new customers, resolving a support ticket or conducting a status check— and keep track of customer interactions right within Salesforce.

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Higher Ed

Provide fast and easy channels for applicants, students, and alumni to set up interviews, tours and financial advisor meetings. Automate student and alumni engagement at key intervals such as semester milestones, reunions and fundraisers.

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Wealth Advisors

Optimize your client engagement process and stop chasing clients by offering instant booking via your digital channels and email campaigns. Easily connect with clients for portfolio reviews to increase your assets under management.


Book meetings 1-on-1 or with teams

Simplify scheduling meetings with multiple attendees – Scheduler for Salesforce knows when every attendee is available. End email and voicemail tag trying to find a time when everyone can meet by instantly booking team or individual meetings. Add additional members or teams into meeting invitations with one click and reschedule meetings at the touch of a button. Consolidate the combined availability of all meeting participants in one easy-to-read calendar. Scheduler for Salesforce automatically adds meetings to each participant’s calendar, and confirmations and reminder notifications ensure that your business keeps moving.

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Web Conferencing

Face-to-face meetings whether you’re on different floors or miles apart

Scheduler for Salesforce directly integrates with all major web conferencing providers. Add virtual meeting information automatically to each booked appointment with Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Create unique web conferencing rooms for each TimeTrade meeting, ensuring each virtual room is private. Avoid multiple emails and calendar notifications for the same appointment from different virtual meeting platforms.


Match each customer with the right team member at the right time – every time

Be confident that the complexity of matching customers’ needs to the right employees across multiple departments and locations will be fast and frictionless. TimeTrade’s Smart Matching technology with Appointment Routing™ and Dynamic Availability™ ensures that the appropriate resources will be available for each appointment based on your lead assignment requirements, pairing each customer with the employee or team best qualified to meet their needs.

graphic showing matching an open appointment slot with the right person to help
Customized Availability

Complete control over scheduling specifics

Meet the needs of your teams, prospects and customers while keeping your personal calendar in sync. Avoid double booking and reduce time wasted coordinating complex schedules. Customized availability allows you to offer fully open availability, rolling availability, set date ranges or specific chosen dates and times for personalized meetings. Your teams and customers have unique schedules and needs, and complete customization makes meeting those specifications simple.


End double booking with real-time availability

Schedule appointments with confidence using managed availability. Personal calendars such as Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar and Salesforce Calendar are continuously monitored for activities outside of the TimeTrade platform, so your team members will never be double booked. Each scheduled appointment is automatically placed on the appropriate calendars and includes important meeting details.

calendar showing integration with outlook, salesforce, and other calendaring systems
appointment reminders ensure appointments are kept

Increase attendance with timely notifications

TimeTrade notifications increase the chances that your prospects and customers will be there for their appointments, and TimeTrade makes it easy for them to reschedule if necessary. Your team members are properly prepared, availability times are accounted for and moved automatically – and you connect with as many prospects and customers as possible without wasting a minute.


Drive business growth with actionable data

Understand the impact appointments have on opportunities and customers. Appointments scheduled through TimeTrade are captured directly in your organization’s Salesforce reporting. Review past and upcoming appointments, see appointment show rates, and the check -in, start and end times associated with each appointment. Understand the true impact TimeTrade appointments are having on your opportunities and uncover behavioral trends for your targeted prospects and customers.

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Delivering Value Across Every Cloud

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Marketing Cloud

More than leads, drive marketing qualified meetings directly to your sales team via omnichannel campaigns

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Sales Cloud

Fill your pipeline and expedite sales cycles by scheduling meetings instantly with prospects and leads

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Service Cloud

Watch your NPS scores and customer satisfaction skyrocket by instantly scheduling on-boarding and support meetings

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Financial Services

Offer instant accessibility for your clients to boost engagement and increase assets under management

Salesforce users rave about Scheduler

Perfect Fit

Not only is TimeTrade able to sync perfectly with our staff's Outlook calendars to provide our clients a real time view of staff availability but it is very easy to use and straightforward. With little training even the least technological staff can easily book or send an invitation to a client for a meeting... TimeTrade has been easy to learn, easy to use, and the perfect fit for our organization's needs.

June 25, 2018

Love the integration

I use timetrade for everything, my customers know how to respond to it even though we are not in the same time zone, I love how all of my past invitations are logged. I loved timetrade with microsoft, I was a little worried with the salesforce merge but I love it so much more!

Aug 5, 2019


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