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Online Appointment Scheduling

Flexible as your business. Scalable for growth. Proven secure.

TimeTrade Scheduler is the world’s leading online appointment scheduling solution – serving businesses of all sizes – from the world’s largest retail, banking and technology organizations to thousands of small and midsize businesses. Connect prospects and customers – at the peak of their interest and via any channel – with the right team member. Scheduler increases revenue by creating personalized customer experiences and maximizes the efficiency of your team throughout the entire buyer journey.

The right customer connection (virtual or in-person) at the right moment

Connect, acquire and retain customers with Scheduler’s Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling. Match the right team member instantly, and seamlessly maintain each client relationship throughout the entire customer journey.







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Creating the world’s best live interactions

Whether you’re booking one or 1.6 million customer appointments each month, join the more than 30,000 businesses worldwide who trust Scheduler to meet their toughest business demands.

graphic indicating scalability from world’s largest retail, banking and technology organizations to thousands of small and midsize businesses

Proven to scale by the largest, most demanding businesses including 10 of the top 20 North American banks

graphic indicating full-stack security tested by independent annual SOC 2

Robust full-stack security tested by independent annual SOC 2 Type II audits protects your critical data

graphic indicating scheduler app integration with leading CRM providers.

Seamless integration with CRM and other leading business systems.

graphic indicating proven track record providing secure and scalable platform to 30,000 organizations—including more than 500 of the world’s top brands.

Successful track record meeting the needs of Fortune 500 enterprises as well as midsize and small businesses.

Scheduler core capabilities

Twelve core capabilities are shared across our four scalable online appointment scheduling deployments: Enterprise, Events & Classes, Salesforce and SMB. Each capability works in tandem to ensure that you’re connecting with prospects and customers through marketing campaigns, acquiring them during your sales process, and retaining them to increase customer lifetime value.

graphic showing omnichannel scheduling capability

Omnichannel Scheduling

Connect with prospects and customers at their moment of peak interest by providing a service guarantee from any channel at any time.

graphic showing smart matching scheduling capability

Smart Matching

Match the unique requirements of each appointment request with the team member and resources necessary to best help each individual customer.

graphic showing appointment routing capability

Appointment Routing

Ensure the appropriate resource is matched to each appointment by pairing your customers with the employee best qualified to meet their needs.

graphic showing pooled resource management capability

Pooled Resource Management

Maximize appointment availability by dynamically publishing employee availability in one easy-to-read calendar.

graphic showing both 1-on-1 and team meetings capability

1-on-1 & Team Meetings

Simplify scheduling by displaying your personal availability or with team meetings display only the times that everyone invited to the meeting is available.

graphic showing custom calendar availability capability

Custom Availability

Customize availability by offering fully open availability, rolling availability, a set date range, or choose specific dates and times to craft personalized meetings.

graphic showing configurable business process rule capability

Configurable Rules

Adapt your appointment process with easily configurable Business Process Rules™. Set booking timeframes, appointment limits, employee priority, and more.

graphic showing two-way calendar integration sync capability

Personal Calendar Sync

Stay up to date with your teams' personal calendars. Two-way integration with the most popular calendaring systems eliminates the potential for double booking.

graphic showing automated appointment reminders and follow up capability

Automated Reminders & Follow Up

Dramatically reduce no-show rates pre-appointment and ensure customer satisfaction afterward with customized post-appointment follow-ups.

graphic showing unique web and video conferencing link capability

Web/Video Conferencing

Create unique, private web conference meetings or videoconference sessions automatically for each appointment with our powerful web conferencing integrations.

graphic showing reporting and analytics capability

Reporting and Analytics

Get clear insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and employee performance—from acquisition online through fulfillment onsite to post-appointment service.

graphic showing CRM connector capability

CRM Connector

Be confident that data captured during the booking process – and the impact it has on your sales funnel – seamlessly flows into your Customer Relationship Management system.

A flexible and scalable way to connect, engage, and retain customers

Smart Matching
Reports & Analytics
Engagement Center

Omnichannel Appointments

Drive conversations by capturing your customers at the peak of their interest. Convert interest into action with simple, intuitive appointment booking via mobile devices, online search, voice, text, web, or integrated into your customer-facing application.

illustration showing omnichannel scheduling capabilities

Smart Matching

Match your prospects and customers with the right person on your team. TimeTrade’s patented Smart Matching instantly compiles locations, skills, availability and prioritization while presenting these details instantly and at scale in one easy to read calendar.

graphic showing Smart Matching that route customers to the right team member by cross-referencing their needs with your team’s skills and availability.

Reports & Analytics

Provide next best action with detailed data seamlessly collected and organized by TimeTrade’s Reports & Analytics. Review past, present and future appointment data including powerful KPI’s such as appointment lead time, start times, end times, no-show rates, employee utilization and customer satisfaction ratings to generate your full Appointment Quality Index™.

graphic showing appointment analytics shown on a digital tablet with appointment details, employee utilization and customer satisfaction ratings


Integrate with leading CRM, marketing automation, calendaring services, and workforce management solutions. Sync important availability data while adding upcoming meetings to individual calendars and third-party systems such as Salesforce, Office 365, Google, and more.

graphic representing integration with leading CRM, marketing automation, calendaring services, and workforce management solutions

Engagement Center

Accelerate customer engagement through the powerful omnichannel scheduling capabilities of TimeTrade Scheduler. Manage, control, and configure all aspects of the customer engagement processes created with TimeTrade’s Intelligent Appointment Scheduling, on-site Queue Management, Event and Class Management, and Next Best Action Analytics™, all from a single responsive interface.

graphic of tablet displaying Engagement Center to manage and configure all aspects of customer appointment processes

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