TimeTrade Sync

Fast and Reliable CRM Data Synchronization

Keep your CRM, email, and calendar data in sync at all times

TimeTrade Sync improves sales and support team productivity and reduces IT costs through ultra-reliable synchronization of emails, attachments, contacts, events, and activity data between CRM applications and popular office productivity platforms like Office 365 and G Suite. It is available today for Salesforce CRM and coming soon for Oracle CRM and SAP CRM.

illustration showing data synced across platforms
Sync of Outlook and Salesforce

Empower sales and support teams to work more efficiently

TimeTrade Sync eliminates duplicate data entry and inefficient communication workflows, empowering sales and support personnel to deliver outstanding service as efficiently as possible while ensuring that CRM records are always up to date.

Improve CRM data quality and forecast accuracy

Keeping data in sync between your preferred CRM and office productivity platforms ensures that sales forecasts and other business-critical reports are as accurate as possible without burdening sales leaders with manual data gathering from their teams.

ipad showing Sync dashboard
Give customer-facing teams the freedom to work in their preferred applications while ensuring that Salesforce is always up to date. Learn More

Optimize Online Appointment Scheduling

Intelligent online appointment scheduling is one of the most powerful ways to engage prospects and customers at the point of peak interest. However, effective online appointment scheduling requires tight integration between your CRM and the applications that salespeople use to manage their personal schedules. TimeTrade Sync makes this critical connection, ensuring that customer-requested meetings are fulfilled successfully.

Reduce CRM and IT administration complexity

TimeTrade Sync’s simple, cloud-based approach can be implemented quickly and customized to meet the unique needs of each organization. Fast and ultra-reliable data synchronization minimizes support and troubleshooting demands.

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