The Next Wave: Align Staff and Appointment Scheduling to Drive Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Striking the right balance between operational efficiency and delivering exceptional customer experience has never been more important in the banking and financial services industry.

In this webinar, the leaders in intelligent appointment scheduling for the financial industry announce a key strategic partnership with Kiran Analytics, a Verint Company – the leader in Workforce Management solutions for banks and credit unions. The result is a powerful set of tools that will help banks and credit unions manage resources, capitalize on growth opportunities and make it easy for your customers and members to get the information they need.

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You’ll gain insight into new ways to:

  • Optimize your expert resources and maximize customer satisfaction
  • Automate and simplify the appointment and shift scheduling workflow
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Reduce schedule conflicts and errors that could lead to customer frustration.


  • Steven Connolly, Senior Director of Product Management, TimeTrade
  • Jim DeLapa, General Manager, Kiran Analytics – A VERINT Company

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