TimeTrade Basics 102

Become an Individual Edition Guru - Part 2

Now that you’re familiar with the fundamentals of using your TimeTrade Individual Edition account, take some time to watch these tutorials and learn the ins and outs of some of the more advanced features. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be an appointment scheduling guru.

Advanced Appointment Rules

Learn about the default settings you can create for all of the appointments booked through your TimeTrade Account. When you customize these settings, all of the new Activities you create will honor these defaults and save you from having to spend time configuring each one individually.

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Edit Existing Activities

When you create your TimeTrade account, you are given default Activities complete with default sets of availability so you can start using TimeTrade out of the box. Learn how you can customize these existing Activities to meet your own individual scheduling needs.

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Advanced Availability Settings

Learn about the advanced settings you can configure for each TimeTrade Activity you’ve created. You’ll learn how to set up recurring availability, allow or disallow last minute appointments, define how far in the future clients can book with you and how many time slots you’d like to make available when appointments are booked.

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