Schedule Meetings Online to Generate Leads

Online scheduling software can be the key to maximizing your lead generation campaign. By adding an online appointment calendar to your website in order to schedule meetings, you can actively engage customers during their site visit. To turn visitors into customers, you need a way for them to connect with your company. Online scheduling software makes it easy for your site-visitors to schedule meetings with you while they are browsing through your site. Placing a “Click to Schedule” button on the home page of your site can be a strategic call to action that can generate more leads.

Initial Benefits for Your Clients and Prospects

Try to figure out what consumers want, and you will quickly learn that it’s fast and visible results! This is why your clients and prospects will appreciate the ease and convenience of using an online meeting scheduler. When customers are given the option to schedule meetings with you online by using their computer or mobile device; they are more likely to reach out to you or someone on your team. The added perk of not having to call in-only to wait on hold-when they want to schedule an appointment pleases customers, acting as another incentive to return and remain loyal to your business.

Scheduling Software Benefits Online Marketing Campaigns

Companies can benefit from an online meeting scheduler in multiple areas. Your marketing campaign, for instance, can be made even more effective with this technology. Offering online scheduling on your website makes it easier for consumers to interact with you to create long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships.

In addition to actively engaging your website visitors, online scheduling software provides functionality. Business owners can run their online marketing campaigns using TimeTrade’s scheduling software.

Ways to use an online meeting scheduler to generate leads:

  • Direct email marketing – providing clients and prospects with appointment reminders via email.
  • Offer discount promotions for customers using your online scheduler
  • Filter unqualified leads – You’re sales team won’t have to waste valuable time trying to get a hold of uninterested prospects, you can generate leads by letting them come to you using an online appointment scheduler.

Your clients and prospects are able to submit their email address using TimeTrade’s online scheduling software giving you the opportunity to build to send email messages through the software’s system and provides an easy way to set repeat customer reminders. Auto-reminders help reduce no-shows and lost business.

In addition, your business can tailor email blasts for every subset of clientele. For example, a spa may offer a Valentine’s or Sweetheart’s Day discount package to clients who have previously booked couples’ massages. A separate email blast can be created for single clientele as a “Do Something Special For You” promotion.

Filtering Unqualified Leads

The software for an online meeting scheduler allows a business to run and save data reports by services scheduled, client name, dates and even staff member selected to perform service. This data can help generate statistics regarding sales and customer loyalty as well as focusing on the leads who have scheduled an appointment for themselves. A potential customer who takes the time to click on an online scheduling calendar and books a personal appointment is more likely to follow through and become a return customer.

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