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Online Appointment Scheduling Software: Tapping Into the Power of Social Media

Enhance the influence of Your Social Media Network with Online Scheduling Software

It is clear that millions of people are making use of social media networks on a regular basis. Professionals use social media networks to find new people to connect with, while businesses use them to attract new prospects. With the staggering number of people turning to social media to get answers and make connections, the opportunity for businesses to schedule more appointments and exceed their lead goals becomes immense.

The Advantages of Using Scheduling Software to Leverage Your Social Media Influence

The simple truth is that potential prospects are viewing your social media profiles. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, any new visit offers the potential to capture new leads. When you combine the powers of social selling and online scheduling, your potential prospects can now schedule a meeting within a single click.

    • Generate new leads with ease – As you grow your presence on social media, you have the opportunity to allow your new leads to easily book their own appointments. In Facebook, for instance, you can add a TimeTrade appointment scheduling app to your profile. This is seen at the top of your Facebook profile creating a clear call to action. Then, once your prospect clicks on the link to book an appointment with your company, they remain on the Facebook page making the process as quick and easy as possible. Your schedule appears and they can choose the best time to meet with a member of your sales team. Learn how to add scheduling software to Facebook
    • Add a TimeTrade Link to Your Page – In Twitter and Linked In, one of the first things people see about your company is your small About Us section at the top of your profile. Simply add your TimeTrade link and give your prospects an easy way to connect with you. Instead of leaving the burden on your prospect to call to schedule an appointment, as many businesses do on social media, your prospects can quickly and easily book an appointment with your team online.
  • Connect with new leads through social media – Once your current customers and prospects within your network start using your application or link to schedule an appointment with a member of your team they will be able to share their experience on their social media platform of choice. When they do this, your business taps into the network of your niche customer expanding your reach on social media and attracting more people within your target market that you may not have been able to reach before. When you keep the process simple and allow your customers to share their experience, you make it easy to increase your exposure to other potential high-quality leads.

Scheduling Software in Action

Watch the YouTube video below to see how sales expert Jamie Shanks uses scheduling software to drive more business.

Let your sales staff do what they do best – sell. To help with this, your marketing team can use social media and the online scheduling software from TimeTrade to book up the calendars of your sales staff. This way, your team spends less time trying to find people to sell to and more time driving new revenue for your business.

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