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Appointment Scheduling Customization

TimeTrade uses a data-driven approach for appointment scheduling customization with hundreds of configuration settings are made available through the application “back-end” administrative interface. Configuration settings that are used to define business rules and workflow steps; to define activities, durations and capacities; to establish resource dependencies, skills and allocation rules; to establish availability schedules; to establish roles-based rights; and to perform other customization tasks. Organized in a very logical, hierarchical fashion and accessed through a well-structured menu system, the online software administration interface gives access to a broad variety of settings.

Hundreds of Customizable Configurations for Online Scheduling Software

For most customer appointment scheduling implementations, no custom programming is required. When we encounter a new requirement that cannot be met via configuration settings we make an effort to address the requirement in a generalized way and to expose associated configuration settings for the benefit of all our customers. Our data-driven approach to customization contributes to efficiency in our implementation process for new customers, and also promotes easy re-configurability for existing customers as their needs evolve. This is an important benefit!

In addition to the extensive customization options exposed via configuration settings, we support customization of query logic, workflows and screen content through changes to system XML files. Our extensive use of XML also provides a foundation that allows web service integration points throughout the application logic.

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