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Scheduling Reliability & Performance

Reliable online appointment scheduling from TimeTrade ensures that our customers are able to meet the demands of a growing client base. Our customers rely on TimeTrade scheduling software to deliver business-critical reliability, scalability and performance. We employ load-balanced application servers on the front end, and clustered database servers on the back-end, to provide scalability and failover protection. TimeTrade can run in a two-tier or three-tier hosting environment.

Case Study

Sears Portrait Studios

Performance was a critical evaluation criterion for our customer CPI/Sears Portrait Studios. They required that our web-based application scale to support a peak load volume of 12,000 appointments per hour. Tests demonstrated that a single dual processor database server had sufficient capacity (CPU and I/O) to ensure that performance would not be database-constrained as multiple application servers were deployed to satisfy the Sears requirements. In order to sustain a transaction volume of 12,000 appointments per hour, four load-balanced Web/application servers were required.

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