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Scheduling System Security Features

Access to TimeTrade’s secure online appointment scheduling system is controlled by a modular authentication and authorization subsystem, which accepts standard username and password credentials. The web-based system can accept plug-in modules supporting alternative authentication mechanisms such as certificates, directory servers or web service based authenticators.

Industry-standard security practices

Once logged in, our highly granular roles-based security model controls access to all system interfaces and functions, down to the viewing of individual screens, and the ability to view and/or edit data on a field-by-field basis.

Our secure online appointment scheduler employs industry-standard security practices are adhered to throughout the application, such as SSL encryption for secure browser access, configurable use of strong passwords and password policies, the encryption of sensitive information in the database, and audit trail logging of security-related operations.

All web service access to the scheduling system is governed by methods found in the widely-accepted OASIS SOAP Message Security specification 1.0.

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