Using a Meeting Scheduler with your Mobile Device

Student and Faculty Appointment Scheduling

Take a look around any college campus and you’re likely to find students in every corner holding a smartphone or a tablet in their hands. Students nowadays spend a substantial amount of time on their phones browsing the web, checking their email or their facebook page. It’s hard to avoid the reality that the internet has become a major part of our everyday lives and an important way in which today’s college students stay connected to the world.

A study conducted by Ipsos and Google shows that 66% of mobile device owners use their smartphone or tablet to access the internet on a daily basis. We use our phones to look up all sorts of information whether it is to find businesses in the local area, to research products that they want to buy, or to log into the social network of our choice.

Online appointment scheduling, specifically designed for mobile devices

In this fast paced society, Universities – along with the rest of the world – need to rely heavily on the internet to stay connected, and ought to continue searching for ways to reach their students using communication technologies such as the iphone, android, ipad, etc. To help universities accommodate for the expectations of their tech-savvy students, TimeTrade offers an online appointment scheduler that is specifically designed for mobile devices such as the iphone, android, or tablet.

TimeTrade’s mobile appointment scheduling software works as a solution for businesses and organizations (e.g. universities and academic institutes) that are looking for ways to improve their communication and ultimately their productivity. It doesn’t just offer a simple way for students to schedule meetings with faculty and staff, it enables students to make an online appointment even while they are on the go – through their mobile devices. TimeTrade Mobile offers scheduling technology with a “click to schedule” interface that’s designed specifically for mobile devices. Here are some of the features for our meeting scheduler:

Fast and convenient for everyone

With a meeting scheduler, your students can make an appointment on their own and know immediately the exact time and day that they are going to meet with their professor, TA, or financial advisor. What’s more, TimeTrade offers your students more control over their appointments by providing features that allow them to make any necessary adjustments or cancellations, so it not only saves your students time from having to come onto campus just make a new appointment, reschedule an appointment, or cancel an appointment; it will also help your staff and faculty ensure that all their time-slots are actually filled and will help reduce the number of “no-shows” without having to lift a finger.

No download necessary

Downloading apps to a smartphone may be helpful in certain situations; however, many students prefer to not deal with the “hassle” of downloading an application when scheduling an appointment. To make it as fast as possible for students to schedule an appointment, TimeTrade offers a mobile friendly interface that allows students to schedule a meeting with their professors or academic advisors without having to download an app.

Simple interface for quick learning

Not only is TimeTrade’s meeting scheduler compatible with mobile devices, it is simple and easy to use. Once logged in, students can quickly figure out how to navigate through TimeTrade’s online scheduling program, which in turn, provides a better experience for its users.

24/7 access to staff/faculty’s availability

With 80% of mobile device users claiming to never leave home without their phone, you can safely say that one of the best way to connect with students would be through their favorite device. With a mobile phone in the palm of their hands, they can easily access your site to make an online appointment whether they are on or off campus.

TimeTrade is an effective way to help students stay current. With an online meeting scheduler in place, students no longer have to come on campus only to wait in line every time they need to make an appointment. Instead, they instantly make and confirm an online appointment using their mobile device.

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