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Office Hours

Now, your students can get the help they need while you let TimeTrade do the scheduling.

TimeTrade Office Hours gives you the power to set up your personal office hours and let students pick a time online without any of the manual paper-based scheduling you’re used to. You can put a button on your blog or website and students can simply Click-to-Schedule without you having to do a thing.

Benefits of TimeTrade Office Hours

  • Say goodbye to the pencil and paper stuck to your office door
  • Never worry about students double-booking time slots during your office hours
  • Check your schedule online 24/7, instead of having to continually stop by the office to see who has signed up
  • Give your students the capability to choose times that work for them, without back-and-forth emails and phone calls
  • Spend less time worrying about scheduling appointments and spend more time doing the work that truly impacts the success of your students

Key Features of TimeTrade Office Hours

  • A Click-to-Schedule button for your website
  • Access to your office hours from the web,
    mobile device, or email
  • Full control over the times offered to students
  • Control over durations and appointment types
  • Easy integration with your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, or iCal
  • Automated confirmation and reminder emails for you and
    your students

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