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Gauge Satisfaction with Instant Post-Appointment Customer Surveys

The appointment isn’t the end of the customer engagement; it’s often just the beginning of an ongoing relationship. Businesses must listen to the customer directly – after they’ve engaged – and adapt services to best fit customer needs.

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Instant post-appointment surveys provide a clear gauge of customer satisfaction

Customer Experience Survey offers organizations an easy way to capture the voice of the customer through automated delivery of satisfaction surveys instantly after appointments have completed—revealing a better understanding of the quality of each customer interaction and potential opportunities for improvement. This instant feedback from customers provides an accurate gauge of appointment quality and helps you to respond to issues quickly and easily.

When used with TimeTrade’s business intelligence module, Insight, surveys are automatically incorporated into the appointment follow-up process and the information collected can be directly tied back to the appointment.

Surveys Give the Customer a Voice

Listening to customers directly helps increase the likelihood of future purchases and customer referrals. Standard features like the Net Promoter question, response-based branching and automatic tying of survey data to the individual appointment give organizations the powerful information they need to gain a true 360 degree view of the customer. They can use this information in making the strategic decisions to adapt and evolve service that keeps customers happy.


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Survey responses are tied directly to appointments

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